Friday, July 08, 2011

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its been a while since we’ve used our DSH hotel voucher. DSH is our second home with the number of time the boys been admitted. sounds weird to some, i know – apa best sangat kena admit, tak kesian anak ke – but to us, its sometimes better to be admitted as we get twice a day consultation from the pead. there were times when we pack our bags before seeing the doctor and would ask to be admitted.

the last time, if i remember correctly, was 11 months ago, a couple of days before Ramadhan going into a couple of days of Ramadham, forcing me to sahur and break fast alone with cold food hubby drop off. but its ok, its for the boys.

nowadays, news of the boys being admitted is not such good news anymore. i know office work would be distrupted and that’s the main reason i try not to be too excited to admit the boys (especially akmal) when they fall ill. but last month have been pretty trying. akmal’s been wheezing on and off, sporting high fever on and off. first was due to tiza’s cat who came by uninvited. his temperature shot up the day after, then came the wheezing. his fever and wheezing lasted 9 days.

then it came again after a day at tssc’s house. akmal was 39c on sunday night, started wheezing badly monday morning, vomiting monday night, needed another 2 voltaren later the same night, coughing badly til he was almost blue on tuesday night and was finally admitted on wednesday. his doctor said he was weak and not showing improvement after the first ventolin+pulmicort. his fever was 39 during lunchtime and he was immediately admitted.

upon admission, akmal was given ventolin four-hourly, pulmicort six-hourly, flixonase, prednisolone, piriton, clarityne, paracetamol and antibiotics (i don’t think its augmentin as it smells and looks different).

note – i cant stress enough for parents to use the proper name of each medicine instead of the general “cough syrup”, “ubat selsema yang kaler kuning”, “ubat cucuk bontot”, seriously, its not difficult and its for your own good to learn about medication.

after a day his fever went down but his wheezing has not left. lets see how long this holiday lasts…

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