Monday, June 13, 2011

He's Unwell..Again...

usually i dont make a fuss when the boys fall ill. to me, its part and parcel of growing up. a fever and flu and cough here and there, i dont think is a big deal. falling ill once in a couple of months is seriously nothing to shout about. i dont go 'oh they are always sick' (like some people do, as though they are with my boys more often than me) or blame the school, the babysitter, the maids etc for their condition. forever finger pointing, pathetic betul. furthermore, oi...demam je kot, relek lah.

so anyway, a normal thing to me, this fever and flu. but when it comes to akmal, i'm a bit concerned. him being unhealthy generally is already a big thing, with his small nasal airway and bird's chest. admitted into NICU before he turned one month old, while staying with his mum at home (therefore not the nursery ye for those so against us sending the boys to nurseries) and subsequently, falling sick once a month. we've been warned by his pead to expect a gloomy first few years, eventually he'll grow stronger and out of it, insyaallah.

true to that, akmal was admitted no less than 5 times before he turned a year old. i went into 2010 with a negative leave balance due to that. then although the frequency decreased, he was constantly on the nebuliser, had to take ventolin up to 4times a day and was prescribed seretide daily unless given the a-okay.

even then i was, ok lah...not that worried. still can survive. until recently. he's been wheezing extra strongly. he stops when he's laughing to grasp for breath. he pulls in a strong breath in between sentences. his nose is running till he has blisters. he coughs so bad its like an old man's cough. his temperature goes up and down. its been that way for more than a week, 9 days to be exact. althought i usually dont worry, now i'm starting to worry. nothing his pead cant fix, i'm sure, but first i gotta find time to see him before i can quit worrying...

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shiemz said...

sian akmal..xpe aunty tahu akmal kuat mcm mama akmal gak... get well soon dear! :D


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