Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Hot Morning

we took the boys to the BJ carnival on saturday. BJ carnival is an annual event, we've been to a couple but have never spent hours there like we did yesterday. this year, the stalls didnt seem as appealing as back in 2009. i remember they had stalls selling ready-made baju kurung and stalls of the shops around dpangkin, especially the wellness centres. this year i couldnt find much that interest me. even the food stalls weren't that interesting.

the boys had a great time though. we arrived just as the guest of honour officiated the event. amir and asyraf stayed on in front of the main stage to see their friends perform while hubby went off to the tm booth (he signed up for unifi, which was not at all planned). we walked around the area, i stopped by the prudential booth while the boys entertained themselves doing sand art with their teachers.

i've not blogged about amir & asyraf's in their new school (because i dont have pictures to compliment the entry argh!) but hubby & i are pretty happy with their developments the past 5 months. the school and their teachers and their friends have had a positive impact on the boys and we're proud of how amir and asyraf have handled themselves in school, in making friends, learning, being part of the crowd.

we got to know more about the teachers and the boys at the carnival. asyraf's teacher zaza (in red top) is very loving and soft hearted, amir's teacher jey (wearing yellow t-shirt) is hard but kind. their headmistress & her husband are hands on, their ustazah is strict and attentive. cant wait to bring the other two over to bahtera ilmu. soon, insyaallah.

back to the carnival, the boys had a great time with their sand art project. i guess being around their teachers made them more into the project than without.

before we left, we dropped by the 'mylife' stall. i wanted to get the basketball hoop stand. the boys entertained themselves with the cars and bikes around the stall. feel like getting them too but there's just no space around the house for them. sorry, boys!

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