Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day for Ariff

amir & asyraf go out for movie dates with tiza & tisu quite often. there was a period of time when they went out almost every weekend. akmal stays home because...well, because his mummy say so. ariff doesnt follow because he is un-handle-able. he runs here and there, disregarding what everyone says.

hubby & i have taken ariff alone out a couple of times just so he has a little bit of time out and not cooped indoors all the time. but taking him out on our own is terrible. he doesnt listen and we would need to run after him. usually a couple of hours is more than enough. so this time hubby & i decided to take him out together. it was better, 2 adults grasping his hand stops him from running all around.

we managed to do a bit of shopping - mothercare & FOS were having sale. hubby and ariff had their hair cut - i dont care what people say, i like my boys hairless. then we watched kung fu panda 2, which surprisingly i actually liked - i didnt like the first movie. then we had a nice quiet lunch at chili's - both of us were craving for beef!

the funny thing about ariff, though, is he kept asking when we were going home. when asked what he wanted to do, the stage was all his, all he said was 'ariff nak balik'. the only thing he was actually asking for was, grocery shopping because he said he wanted to bake a cake. aisehhh...

maybe we can do this again, eh ariff. but only if you remember to what?? ariff: :"jangan degil!"

the guest of honour...

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