Monday, April 25, 2011

Sports Day 2011 - TIS

ariff & akmal had their sports day last saturday. they've been practising for the past 2 weeks - akmal more excited, this being his first involvement in a sports event, than ariff. akmal runs around the house, going 'cepat cepat, kutip kutip, rariiii' while ariff just goes 'ariff takmo tiup balloon'. amir was also excited because he wanted to meet haziq, even though in the end they couldnt meet as haziq was confined to the participants' tent while amir was at the spectators' tent the whole time.

the day started well enough, weather was good, not too sunny, not too hot, windy enough. the grass was eecky though, from the heavy rain the night before. i left ariff and akmal with their teachers; ariff without a care in the world, akmal bawling as usual. then i grabbed a seat with amir & asyraf.

we waited for a bit before the teacher started off the event with the march. it was a nicely organised march in the beginning (because it started with the kafa students) and ended up all over the place (because the last in the line are the toddlers). after speeches from the headmistress and the guest of honour, the sports day started.

akmal was up first, he had 2 events - kutip sumi and a race. his teachers have been saying he does pretty well during the practise session but during the real event he was more concentration on trying to eat the jellies and was too busy looking out to abang & abang long.

after the toddler & playgroup's events, it was the tadika & pra-tadika's turns. ariff represented the pra-tadika in the beanie race & balloon race. with his selamba attitude, ariff wasnt in the top three in both his races. which is good, since both him and akmal received the same prize hence no fighting once we return home.

after ariff's event, i decided to call it a day as it was extremely challenging looking after 4 boys who were running in very different directions. we went off to see cikgu ummi to say thank you. that was when we realised asyraf was missing and had an 'event' of his own, which i will not elaborate further. suffice to say, he was crying his eyes out, hiccupping and almost throwing up, all the way home. i hope asyraf learned his lesson on saturday.

apart from that incident, it was a pretty ok moring and the boys were not much of a handful the whole weekend.


AdanyaKauUntukku said...

seronok je kan..
adakah baiknya
kalau achik iLa pun dapat seriang itu.....

missed my kindergarten time

ZuNas77 said...

hahaha...mal ni..sibuk je nak makan jelly plak tau...tapi takpe, janji dia pandai ikut instructions. Arsyad i tak tau la boleh ke tak ikut arahan nak lari, kutip sweets bagai..haha..

eh, abg asyraf buat apa??

nasib mummy tak approve earlier comment. sbb tizu lupa nak comment pasal template baru. over siap ada laundry line. hahaha

eiseai said...

ila...mmg diorang suka sangat. tapi akmal mesti nangis gak, tak nangis tak sah hahahha.

zu, akmal lapar kot. pagi tu tak makan lagi terus kluar. alaa boleh punya arsyad buat gitu. lagi2 if cikgu dia yg kasik instructions, confirm ikut. kalau mummy dia kasik, lain lah crita dia hahaha. asyraf tu jgn tanya, takmo ingat. biar dia sorang je ingat. itu comment dah delete sbb i punya tak yah nak approve. cantik kan laundry line tu, even tho rumah i tak pakai line gitu hahaha


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