Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dreams = Obsession

i've got a few things i'm obsessed with - the boys (obviously), the eagle and the horse (tho slowly decreasing, that one), fan fiction (oh how i love thee). now i've got a new one. a bit late in my opinion. if i was inclined towards it back when it started, i would have a full range by now. but i wasnt and i think i'm a slow starter.

i love, love, love cath kidston. i love her bags, i love her accessories, i love her kitchenware but i'm not a big fan of her clothes. bit too flowery for my liking. bag takpe, baju not so much.

i've heard about her items but was never too in it. then walking towards the boarding gate at terminal 4 heathrow, i just detoured and went into her outlet and got myself a new day bag within 5 minutes. her shop was just so inviting among the plain black and white shops. i went in with ariff, showed him 2 bags, he chose one and we walked out. when i got home, i bought another 4 items onlines - a mini tote, another day bag, a carry all bag & a holiday bag. then 2 more items - blackberry covers. 1 is never enough. i would love to get her purses / wallets but they dont have enough picture slots.

now i'm dreaming of a cath kidston kitchen. white cabinets and bright, sunny kitchenware.

i especially want her mini dot collections - the handbags and the dinner wares.

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AdanyaKauUntukku said...

wahhh new addiction nampaknya


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