Friday, February 25, 2011

Should We...

i come from a family of cat-lovers. we have loads and loads of felines in the house. tssc used to say there's more cats than people in the house. despite the fact that most of us are actually allergic to cats - i remember covering the bump that appeared when i did the allergy test - and the fact that my sisters and i are on inhalers, we still bring more and more cats home by the day.

now, i fear going back to damansara. once i enter the front door my eyes would buldge and itch and tear up. then i start sneezing and coughing and would start wishing i was at home. before i moved out, i would sleep with the late hoggiey on my chest, now i cant even have a stray fur 20 metres from me.

the boys, too, love cats. amir loves stroking a cat, asyraf loves chasing a cat, ariff loves the wiggling of a cat's tail, akmal loves screaming 'ma-uuuuuu' everytime he sees a cat. amir has been bugging us to get one, to keep one at home. with akmal and his 'condition', i'm not at all for that idea. even without a cat, he's already on ceretide daily. when i took tiza's car after last year's accident, akmal would have trouble breathing because there were cat fur on the floor carpets.

now that akmal's bigger and is less 'sensitive', its got me thinking...should we??


gartblue said...

easeai .. I went ahead and got 2 cats, despite asha's asthmatic condition, ariz's eczema and aliya's fear of any animals. We got maine coons instead, since they shed the least hair and are gentle with kids, and particularly great with big families. kids do learn new things with pets.

eiseai said...

thanks gartblue. will consider that. i'm more scared for me and akmal. i dont think i'd be too happy popping piriton all the time. i overheard your ariz on the first day of school after you left - teacher: ariz, what's your father's name? ariz: daddy. hahaha. i was so tempted to tell the teacher, his mom is gartblue!

Puan nOLie said...

aah..i dengan rimo pun think the same..macam pelik bila rumah takde kucing..sejak si kuning kesayangan tuh mati..i dah tak bela kucing..skg nieh rindu lah pulak nak kucing...

Gartblue said...

Hahahhaha .. That's so funny .. Thanks for telling me that .. Can't imagine The teachers face if she knew what his moms name is. He's super mischievous this boy is, refused to let me anywhere the school ground, let alone aeck on his cheeks.

You know what, when you described the allergic attacks, you made me more understanding of the attacks ariz used to have when he was younger. I never did understand, now I do. Thanks.


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