Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time Out

wednesday morning, we set out early. i packed a hospital bag for an overnight stay amir, asyraf, hubby and me. ariff & akmal's bags were packed for 2 days in school. we sent the boys to school and made our way to dsh. traffic was so-so and we arrive at the a&e at 7:40am. the GLs and admission forms were all prepared but the staff need to look for a room for the boys (we requested for a two-bedded).

we waited for about half an hour at the a&e, where hubby and i took turns to have breakfast. the boys werent allowed to eat so we had to keep them occupied with other things - playing games on hubby's phone. they knew what they were in for. amir kept asking why dr razak had to press on his stomach. asyraf said he was in for a circumcision but i doubt he knew what that actually entails.

after we went to the room, the boys were given a minimal check up, asked a few questions, given their hospital tags and were asked to change into the hospital gown. they were laughing at how each other looked in the gown, at least that took their minds of their empty stomach and the trip to the operation theatre.

at 9:20am, a nurse came in with a wheechair for asyraf. i went up with him. i chose to go with asyraf as his was the easier procedure of the two. if i went with amir, knowing what he had to go through, i would surely cry when they gave him his mask. asyraf was fine, laughing and joking. smiling at the nurses, asking to be carried inside. once he was laid down on the operating table, i think he felt a nervous. he was lying down and there were 3-4 nurses walking around the OT, the anesthetist was sitting next to him and another 2 nurses were sitting on both sides of the table.

before the anesthetist put the mask on him, we asked him to recite the doa tidur. he just smiled, as he would do when he was embarassed. then the anesthetist slowly increased the dose and his eyes were slowly closing. then all of the sudden, he started moaning and shouting, he kicked and punched, he threw his body off the table. there nurses who were sitting by his sides were holding him down. i got shocked but the anesthetist said that it was a normal reaction. i had to hold in my tears. once he calmed down and fell asleep, the anesthetist said i could wait at the day ward. that's when my tears finally came. it was a scary moment seeing asyraf like that.

i went out to see amir on the wheelchair with hubby, waiting for his turn. we sat for about 10 minutes when the anesthetist came out, saying asyraf's out of the OT and asked if we'd like to see him. i went in while hubby prepared to accompany amir inside. asyraf looked fine, sleeping soundly. i sat next to him and saw amir walking in with hubby to the OT.

asyraf was given the all-clear to go back to his room. he was groggy still, asking where amir was. asyraf asked for water and drank quite a bit. we waited for almost an hour before hubby came down, followed by amir who was in a deep sleep on a strecher. he was transferred to his bed and we drew the curtains so that he could sleep. asyraf asked for food and as we pulled him to a sitting position, he threw up. the nurse said he's not ready to eat and helped him change to a new hospital gown. he then fell asleep and both slept until 4pm.

amir complained that his stomach hurts, we pulled up his hospital gown and saw that the procedure was on this stomach - i thought that it would be down around the groin area. asyraf on the other hand was hissing and gasping in pain everytime his gown touched his private parts. they both ate and watched the telly for a couple of hours. when they were feeling a bit better, amir changed into his pajamas, asyraf wore only his pajama top but refused the pants.

after dinner, amir was already up and about. he could climb up and down the bed and wanted to sleep with asyraf - which meant i got a bed all to myself (yeay!). it took asyraf a lot of persuasion and tears to finally pull up his pajama pants. when he did, he was smiling proudly for 3 minutes, before cying again. he cried and whined until he slept, giving me a massive headache! amir slept early and woke up because of asyraf's cries and could not go back to sleep. i think he finally slept at 2am.

the next morning all of us woke up late. the boys woke up after 9am. amir was feeling much better, he even asked for a shower. asyraf refused a shower and still mumbled and whined about how much it hurts. i tricked him to a shower when he asked to go to the loo. he showered while crying haha! he still asked for his pajama pants and did not want to wear anything tighter. he did forget about how much it hurts whenever he was playing with the computer or his handheld game or with hubby's phone. as soon as they were taken away from his, he would whine again.

that went on the whole day until he took his shower after dinner. hubby got him to, finally, wear his underwear. so hopefully that's the end of the whining. today, asyraf's finally up and about, able to walk properly and has stopped complaining of pain except early in the morning. amir, on the other hand, developed high fever because he was too active yesterday. hopefully it wont last long, insyaallah.

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