Thursday, January 27, 2011

Career Progression

i want to be a housewife. that's not a state secret. i've always said that and i'm still saying that, i've never changed my mind. when the time is right, i will gladly leave the golden triangle, leave the 830-530 (yeah right!) life with a big smile on my face screaming 'so long, farewell' to the corporate slaves.

there are people who think i dont mean it, there are people who think i would think differently, there are people who think i've lost my marbles. but eh...its ok. at least i'll be at home, surfing the channels, making good home-cooked food for my boys, and i'll do it with a no one breathing down my neck!

i get comments like, you'll never have time to yourself. ok, first thing's first. when i stop working to be a housewife, i'll be the only one who stops going to work. the boys wont. amir & asyraf will still be in school until after their agama class ends and ariff & akmal will still be in daycare until evening. no change in that, thank you very much. so who is going to occupy my time until all the boys are picked one! so that comment certainly does not apply to me.

i also wont be indulging in a lot of cleaning. general simple cleaning, yes, like the normal sweeping, normal washing the loo, normal cleaning the kitchen. normal stuff like that. not difficult and not time consuming and not heavy at all.

what i would be doing as a housewife is simple. i will keep my house in order and still hang on to my belief of having no maid in the house. i will encourage my boys to go to school and daycare and hang on to my belief that they are better off in daycare (i am pro-daycare all the way!). i will ensure i have good home-cooked meals when my boys come home from school everyday - and cooking is not a big hassle to me, takat masak sekali sehari, what is that! and then, of course, with school-going age children, one thing that will be in my job description would be chaffeur. that, to me, is not a big deal, especially if the classes and our home is not far apart.

like i said, i plan. i plan for (almost) every single thing that i do so its really not difficult to comprehend that i would plan for something as big as leaving a career and being unemployed and staying at home full time. insyaallah, when the time comes it wont be something i regret or something i dont enjoy doing or a decision i would like to turn around.

so who has dreams of being a housewife, lets jom!


Liza said...

me! me! I wanna be housewife, and working towards being one...Insyallah....

ain said...

if you can afford it meaning the time etc, why not! It's your family why should other ppl says otherwise. I think, you and your husband know best what's good for you guys. Sometimes ppl equate lots of money and materials to happiness. Wrong concept, man.

finizaini said...

me too!!! kak sally..jom kita jd fulltime hwife..yabedabedu


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