Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Boys in London

one of the main reasons why we're excited about the trip is to see from the boys' point of view. of course the reminiscing at kent is wonderful, visiting the stadiums are great, the shopping...jangan cakap lah kan. but to see their reaction and to learn what they absorb is priceless.

we've been telling the boys about the trip since we decided to go back in january. as we plan, they learn. as we discussed, they listen. we were very scared, to say the least. scared of the crankiness, scared of the cry outs, scared of itchiness and rashes, scared of the fever, scared of flu. but alhamdulillah, as we reach the halfway mark of the trip, they have been great (of course with doses of cries and cubits and pukuls here and there).

amir is the best out of the lot. of course being the eldest, he gets to share more with his parents. he's also more adaptable and knows more and absorbs more than his brothers. he's not scared of the weather and sometimes, is so arrogant and would prefer not wearing his winter jacket and gloves - then he shivers and asks to be carried. he understands the places we visit, remembers almost all he saw and relates back to us what he feels.

amir fell ill the first day we were here. a bit of a shock because of all the boys, we didnt expect him to be unwell. we finished off 4 voltaren suppository on him and almost half bottle of piriton. it was the same in langkawi and we have a feeling its because he doesnt eat during traveling and when we arrive he's hit with angin and is lethargic. alhamdulillah amir is not one to be so sickly and recovers quite well whenever he's under the weather. by the 3rd day, he's already up and about and showed no signs of being ill.

asyraf, like amir, understands quite a bit too. going to school early helps him a lot. he's opened his eyes and learn along with amir. he looks up to amir and absorbs a lot when they talk. usually what amir knows, he would speak out loud and asyraf grabs quite a lot from that. he usually parrots amir and if amir is on the right track, more of than not, asyraf follows suit. he doesnt take in as much as amir, understandably, but its good that we dont need to explain in great detail to him as that's done by amir.

asyraf, not surprising, is the first boy to be hit by rashes. his body is full of small rough dotts caused by the dry weather. we've packed a couple of tubes of qv cream and they helped a lot as its not as bad as the one he suffered in perth. but out of the four, asyraf's the only one with dry nose. he doesnt have flu, which is wonderful.

asyraf however is very moody and cranky. if he doesnt get his way he would hit and scream and shout. he was terrible when we couldnt go up the roller coaster in Thomas Land, he was not a happy camper when we didnt get him the toys he wanted in Hamley's, he would cry out bloody murder when we wants to get out of the car after being in it for hours. unlike amir, asyraf doesnt listen to reason and would just scream and shout.

ariff...oh, where do i start with this boy!!!! i dont understand why so many people refuse to accept his true nature and still thinks he's the quiet baby he used to be. that's 3 years ago...he's grown and aged and developed a terrible personality. trust his parents who have seen the change in him. ariff is one hard-headed boy. he would just attack his target without care in the world. if he wants to go somewhere, he would just march to his destination, regardless the danger, the shouts for stop. if he wants something, he would just grab, regardless who owns what he wants, whether its safe or otherwise. that explains why he went missing in doha airport. 1 minute he was seating at the table with us eating chips, the next he was gone. we were right in front of him, at the same table in fact.

when ariff doesnt want to sit in his stroller he would scream and shout. he wants to stand on the buggy board like his abang long and abang but doesnt understand that we cant let him as he is a wanderer. he also refused to sit on the booster seat and was screaming and shouting to be let out. when looked back at him after 5 minutes, he legs were on the windows and his head was on the car floor. just because abang and abang long were not using boosters.

the worst part of ariff is his cries. he has such an irritating cry, complete with a 3-4 fingers in his mouth. terribly irrating...

akmal...oh how beautiful he is. we were scared for him the most. from flu to fever to stomach bug and dirrhoea. and that leads to crankiness and mood swings and tiredness. we had bad signs on the plane coming over as akmal couldnt sleep not being the bassinet and cried out so much. once he got a place to sleep on the second leg of the journey, he was better. when we arrived, he adapted to the cold weather and the layers of clothing so well, it was wonderful. he doesnt bother about the cold, doesnt cry, doesnt get fussy, no problem whatsoever!

he was alright sleeping in the cot the landlord gave, he was ok falling asleep on the strollers while being pushed around the whole day, he's great when he was put into the car seat and would sleep throught the journey. he's ok being smothered with qv cream every time after bath, being slapped on with lip balm every so often, he doesnt mind wearing gloves and snow caps and mufflers. we didnt bring much of his formula, just enough for the flight and first day here. we bought formula here and face the risk he may not like it. but he just frowned and then drank the whole bottle the first time trying 'cow & gate'. he's really so very easy. maybe that's why he's everyone favourite adik baby.

he did get the flu though and had nose bleed but that was about it. the piriton and ibuprofen helped quite a lot. he also hated to bathe in the cold weather. everytime he sees the tub he would scream 'nanakkkkk...' and when asked 'tak nak kenapa?' he would shout 'jukkkkkkkkk...' but once in the tub, he refused to come out.

Friday, December 17, 2010


we are on a break and have moved (temporarily) into a new house...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...and so (much more)

we're off. will try to blog as regular as possible via our travelog. i would like to thank those who wished us well on our trip and those who are looking forward to hearing about our trip. i cant believe some actually follow from the beginning. thank you so much.

for's us ready to go. clothes, suitcases, shoes...

Monday, December 06, 2010

Reality Check

off the topic of the trip for a weekend. this weekend is dedicated to finalise the boys' school items.

i've bought amir & asyraf's school bags a couple of weeks ago. used up the isetan vouchers i got during the k amazing race. the boys both wanted toy story bags. unfortunately there was only 1 design, so i bought the same for both of them. i wanted a slightly smaller bag for asyraf, him being smaller than amir but had to settle for the only 1 sold. also bought their water tumblers for school. ariff also got a new school bag. he wanted a bullseye bag but i could not find any (maybe because bullseye is only a supporting character...sorry ariff!) but we managed to pujuk him with a nice mickey mouse bag & water tumbler. akmal has a thomas bag that we used for weekend jalan-jalan and since its off a good size, he'll use it for school next year.

hubby and i went over to 1utama to get a few things, amir & asyraf's school shoes and socks, among them. went to bata but could not find any in their size...weird. i wanted to get a bubble gummers pair in beige but hubby said to be safe and get a white pair. so we walked some more and i stopped just outside parkson where they were selling bags, uniforms, shoes and other school-stuff. we decided on a nice ben10 pair in white for both of them, amir in size 11, asyraf size 10. we also grabbed a few pairs of socks on the way to the cashier. the boys dont need to get books and stationeries just set, so school stuff is done.

in a few weeks time, both will be starting the new year in their new school. i'm a bit anxious, sometimes i feel like its my first day of school. the registration's been paid, documents & pictures been sent. we're waiting for the timetable so that we know what they'll be learning in school as well as what to wear on which day.

amir's pretty excited about the new school. he's a bit upset about leaving haziq, his best friend though. everytime he talks about his new school, he would ask 'haziq sedih kan mummy?' i'm sure he is, amir. he's also been asking haziq to come over to the house on weekends. its even sad for hubby and i to see the 2 part, haziq's been amir's best friend since they were 2 years old. apart from haziq, he's quite looking forward to the new school. he's very excited about learning english more intensively. he's been trying to use english at home but its a bit difficult when he doesnt know many words and when his brothers dont converse in english. i guess it turns him off sometimes.

asyraf, on the other hand, is kind of so-so. he's pretty ok with the thought of going to a new school, he calls it 'mat reader' for smart reader. he doesnt have a close friend that we know of, he's leaving behind. more of a favourite teacher, than a close friend. but at the same time, he doesnt understand english as much as amir, so its quite worrying sending him to school which uses english as the main medium. i do hope asyraf can adapt quickly with the change. he's been doing so well in school, it would be terrible if the change brings him down.

we're thinking of circumcising asyraf when the school term begins. yes, a bit weird when others do it during school holiday but we're a bit busy now and we'll be away very soon. maybe we'll do it nearer the chinese new year break at least we'll be home to keep an eye on asyraf. once that is done, we'll be happy parents of 4 circumcised boys...finally (rolling eyes towards a certain EI). on a similar note, all boys are up to date with their immunisation. they're pretty much have settled their primary jabs, amir and asyraf only has the 6-year-old jab while ariff and akmal has the 4 & 6-year-old jabs pending. once those are done, we're sorted.

ariff now is in his toilet-training phase. we're been over-using the 'let daddy & mummy know if you need to doodoo and pee' sentence for a couple of weeks now. we've tried on and off but always met with accidents. this week ariff's been diaperless in school. i think he's had 3 accidents in school and 2 when he's at home but the past 2 days have been better. the problem about ariff is he would not open his mouth when it comes to things like that. he would not let anyone know he needs to go to the toilet and that's where toilet-training becomes a hassle.

what is even more irritating is ariff would cry easily and cry non-stop when the slightest thing doesnt go his away but to open his mouth to let us know he needs to go to the loo is such a burden for him. our patience is sorely tested with this boy at the moment.

akmal, alhamdulillah, has been fever-free for 2 months. i was a nervous wreck when it was almost a month to the time he last had his fever but, alhamdulillah, the high temperature didnt come. he did have other stuff - slight flu, stomach bug, diarrheoa but that was it. nothing major that had him sporting a high temperature. he was well enough to get his final primary jabs about 2 weeks ago. hopefully the monthly fever phase has passed.

akmal's changed a bit in school. his favourite teacher aka cikgu fakin aka mama left early last month. akmal's been on his own since then. he has another teacher to berkepit but its not the same. akmal last saw his teacher when the boys had their convocation, fakin requested akmal be sent over after the convo ended and he stayed with her until he slept that night. now he calls her quite often. smiling and laughing when he hears her voice over the phone.

akmal's grown up a lot over the past month, he's picked up a few things. he absolutely love to sing and dance to the '1-1, saya sayang ibu...' song. he loves pointing to his nose, head, ears and eyes, he loves to eat - he can finish 3/4 of an adult portion of fried rice, he can say a few words here and there 'susu', 'seluar', 'tak nak', 'nak', 'daddy', 'meow' are the main words. his favourite question is 'ne??' as in mana/where. its the same question for everything said to him - akmal, ambik towel tu...akmal, jom ikut mummy...akmal, sapa letak bottle sini. his reply would be...'ne??'

while he's grown a bit, he's pretty much the same - still falls asleep easily, and still sleeping in his cot, still easy when he's out with us, stays put in his stroller, car seat or the high chair, plays comfortably on his own, still using his changing table after his bath time.

ahh my boys. they grow up so fast *sigh*

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Errrr... how i'm feeling at the moment. i've finally completed the traveling booklet. happy is what i'm feeling, well yeah, but at the same time, i'm anxious, i'm scared. this would be the first time hubby and i would be taking the 4 boys so far on our own. the last holiday we went to was a local holiday. perth and gold coast dont count as we had only amir & asyraf then. plus my sisters went with us.

so with 4 boys in tow, hubby and i need to be prepared. we cant have the 'so where to now...' conversation or the 'what to have for lunch...' question. with the weather being so cold and us being out for hours each day, we'd have to make things as smooth as possible. if not there would be tears and screams and majorly annoyed parents.

so this is where my booklet comes in. my blood, sweat and tears for one year. and frankly, i'm pretty darn happy with my work. i just hope we stick to what has been planned...

siap divider lagi haha...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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