Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Unwell

every few weeks my facebook status would highlight akmal's condition. its a monthly cycle, quite predictive. akmal is very sensitive, he gets flu easily, quite like me. when he has his flu, because of his small nasal airway and small chest, it would lead to blockage faster and the blockage contributes to the high temperature.

sometimes, i regret updating my status about akmal because it would draw un-favourable comments. i do get uncomfortable when people say things like...
'he's always sick' - yes, he falls sick on a monthly basis but he's not 'sick', its normal flu like every other children have but because of his small nasal airway and chest, the effect on him is significantly major compared to other children;

'your children is always unwell' - no, its just akmal, asyraf hardly gets sick (alhamdulillah), amir & ariff gets the occasional flu and fever but that's about it;

'you should look into alternative medication' - well, thank you but we're quite happy with akmal's peadiatrician at the moment. akmal gets special request to see him once a month - regardless he is under the weather or otherwise. his doctor is a peadiatric chest specialist - cant ask for a better doctor than that.

yes, akmal does get sick often but we're not worried. help is there, his medication is there, hubby and i are pretty confident in handling him, his teachers are ok in taking care of him. there have been instances when we dont feel too good. like last month when akmal had his bout of flu. something normal for him but it just wouldnt go away even after taking antamins and claritynes for almost 2 weeks that i just prayed and prayed every night that he would just get over that period. it was too taxing.

there's also times when without warning, his temperature would shoot up above 40c. this usually happens at night. then its voltaren and hours of sponging. those instances are tiring and takes a toll on us.

akmal has many, many medication. from the basic paracetamol, phenergen, voltaren and clarityne to antamin, alvesco, piriton, iliadin, ventolin, prednisolone, seratide, flixonase and of course, his usual augmentin. akmal alone needs over 10 medication when we're traveling.

worried? honestly, no i'm not. i consider taking care of akmal as a lesson. i dont want to be one of those parents who learn with just their first child or first and second children and feel the rest are 'same old, same old'. one would think at no 4, what is there to learn anymore - but with akmal, every month is a learning experience. alhamdulillah, we manage to get through each experience. nothing gives me greater pleasure then waking up, after 3-4 days of night nursing, seeing akmal with a big smile on his face, asking him 'adik baby sihat dah ke?' and having to do that every month, is really wonderful - come on, you have to find something positive out of all this.

everything about the whole situation - the small nasal airway (i remember the first time the peadiatrician told me about it when akmal was just 1 month old, being wheeled into the neonatal ICU), the small chest, the bird's chest that scares quite a number of people, the countless admissions to DSH, the monthly check up (macam pre-natal check up lah pulak), the twice-a-day ventolin and seratide puffs for almost 3 months now - everything about it spells akmal. the peadiatrician is confident he would grow out of it. i pray it will be soon, insyaallah.

akmal's latest hospital visit photos and his everyday medication (the everyday ones, not monthly ones).

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