Monday, October 18, 2010


the time has come for us to find a new kindy for the boys, mainly for amir & asyraf. we're happy with their current daycare / kindy. they have learned so many things, become independent and more confident being at taska tadika ibnu soleh. we absolutely love the teachers, love the activities and love the fact that the boys are well taken care of (from our point of view, at least).

but with amir about to enter standard 1 at the primary school nearby, we thought it would be better if we took him out of his current kindy and send to another nearer the house, nearer the primary school so that he would know and make friends with his future standard 1 classmates. we never want to send only 1 so wherever and whenever amir moves, asyraf follows.

so first part was send amir and asyraf to a new school. the second part was not as easy...which school? we had 2 choices before us, 3 actually but i was not so keen on one of the kindies in our area. so it was down to 2 - ad-daris or bahtera ilmu. we compared both from the perspective of monthly fees, registration, medium used, school hours, teachers, area and decided on bahtera ilmu.

price-wise, either one we chose, we had to prepare to tighten our budget in the upcoming years as both schools were far more expensive than the boys' current kindy. school hours were roughly the same, both schools used english and both school had islamic studies (of course nowhere near the level of tadika ibnu soleh, which is excellent when it comes to basic islamic curriculum). after discussing and deliberating, hubby and i opted for bahtera ilmu. we took the boys to see their new school when we settled the registration and they seemed to like it.

during the next few years, we'll be joining the crowd of parents queueing up at schools the first week of january; starting with new kindy for amir and asyraf next year, then its standard 1 for amir in the following year, then standard 1 for asyraf and new school for ariff and akmal (all in one year *gasp*), followed by standard 1 for ariff then finally, standard 1 for akmal. non-stop!

for now, we're just looking forward to a new phase in the boys' life and a change to ours. hopefully, everything will go smoothly and we'll be able to manage all bumps and dips, insyaallah.

the boys new uniform, the little sailors, and their outdoor outfit, complete with little hats. too cute! only pending items on the new-school-list are shoes, socks, school bags & stationeries, which i will start buying next month.


dieya said...

owh the sailor outfits are so cute! siap baju sukan lagi! sounds better than real school!

rafiqaheliza said...

Huhuhu! Good luck!
Next year, my Ashraff is standard one..Right now, I yang tak mentally prepared!

Puan nOLie said...

emm sama...
tahun depan umar darjah 1
Uzair maintain kat Madrasah Pra Tahfiz...cuma sekarang tgh pk whether nak campak aliya kat school jugak ker...


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