Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Silly Billy

the boys are into (and i mean very into) silly faces when the camera is pointed at them. they'd make silly faces then quickly run over to see how they look like and run back in front of the camera to pose. embarassing, really *sigh*

yes, they love to pose and yes, they look, what's the word people would use, 'baik'. but that's when the camera's pointed at them and when they are in a good mood.

other times...amir would be the elder brother who would scream at and shout at and laugh at and disturb his younger siblings. asyraf would be the crybaby who, well, cries. ariff would then come running towards asyraf and start making fun of asyraf who cries till he turns blue. being enemies, asyraf would then bring up his arm and scratch ariff away, who then cries as well. akmal would be in the middle of it all, walking from one person to another. ah yes...that's how they are. screaming, shouting, crying, scratching.

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ZuNas77 said...

akmal je takde silly faces....dia je yg sgt comel, cute, hensem and kacak..hahahaha


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