Sunday, August 01, 2010


i hate the sounds of children crying. i know they cry because of something - hurt, scared, tired, sad and for babies, its hunger, sleepy, attention. but i honestly hate the sounds of children crying. my boys cry by the bucketful. maybe that's why i cant stand children's cries.

the boys have different kinds of cry;
  • amir cries for short periods...he'd start quietly, gets a stare, retreats into a corner and stops after a couple of minutes. his cries are hardly every entertained.
  • asyraf is the master of tears. since he was young he can cry at a drop of a hat. its his forte. he actually made us hate (with capital H-A-T-E) the sounds of children crying. there were times i wanted to throw him out of the window because he never stopped crying. asyraf said his first word after he turned 2 years old, that's because he was too busy crying. even now as he's turning 4, he's still crying non-stop. he usually gets the "time out in the bathroom" treatment whenever he cries because he just cannot stop and we just cannot stand his screams. after his hour-long cry he would need some time to get over it and be ok again. that's why most of the time, his cries are ignored.
  • ariff hardly every cried when he was a baby. as he moved into the 'terrible two' stage, he started going into the tear-jerking plus moaning attention-seeking cry. his cries is a tad below asyraf's irritating cry. if his brothers made ariff cry, they'd get the scolding, usually of 'stop making him cry!' because scolding ariff would make the cry worse and i absolutely cant stand that.
  • akmal was a typical crybaby when he was younger. he usually cries when in public and he cant spot his daddy or mummy. but now akmal's a combination of all. he can have the minute-cry, he can have the long draggy-cry. more often its the minute-long cry, thank god. akmal's pretty ok so far. he whines rather than cry most of the time now.
most of the time, the 2 main culprits are asyraf and ariff. they'd rally to see who can drop the easiest, the most, the drama-est. they'd make each other cry then add more to get the other to stomp their feet, then add extra to make the other to start again, then they add a bit of scrathing, punching, smacking on the side to make it the ultimate scream-feast.

slightly above the baby cries, i hate parents (or any form of grown up figure) going 'alaaa kenapa sayang, sayang...' oh dear god, how i detest that. if my boys cry, they get a 'nangis lagi, kena kurung' from hubby and me. take away cries due to hurt or pain, all cries get that response from us. over the years, we've had cries attracting a time out in the bathroom, a smack on the bum or even a cry lasting 2 hours because we'd just not entertain the tears.


s2m3r said...

asyraf nangis....buat auntie pun nak nangis tau..sebijik cam 2 mmg cam tu kot

Puan nOLie said...

heheh dah tak heran dengar bunyi budak ader penapis kat dalam telinga...diorang lain pulak..

Umar - susah nak menangis ..kecuali betul betul sakit..

Uzair - Geng asyraf..annoying giler..skit skit nak nangis..lambat pulak berenti

Aliya - geng uzair jugak..boleh ader stop stop pulak...pastu sambung balik..

Arianna - belum tunjuk perangai lagik..


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