Friday, July 16, 2010


first of all, i'd like to thank everyone who commented on the previous posts. i'd like to reply all your comments but i've been so busy lately but we appreciate all your thoughts and concerns.

its been 2 weeks and a bit since the accident. we're on the mend, some days better than others. i still get the creeps, get teary, get scared...doubt it'll go away anytime soon. car rides can be scary at times and i get worried looking at hubby at times. to me, i'm filled with mixed feelings - there are times i think 'it wasnt that bad, was it?' while other times i wonder 'how did we manage to get away from that?'. there are also times when i feel its an outer body experience and i'm looking at me, at the car, at the boys, from outside the scene. its really confusing and its mentally exhausting.

but we're ok...we're moving on. the boys are alright although they do point out the accident scene everytime we pass it. they also mention the accident as if its just yesterday. there was once when amir was asking hubby why it happened, how it happened and asyraf voiced out 'amir...jangan lah tanya daddy, nanti daddy pening, lepas tu car masuk water'.

amir's been the story teller of the whole incident. he can really remember what happened. he would say 'daddy jerit macam ni...aaaaaaa' and he would say 'mummy panggil daddy tapi daddy tak dengar' and he would tell us ariff was as stiff as a log, gripping the arms of his car seat, not moving an inch when the car sped forward (this bit i really cant hear without getting goosebumps).

we havent seen the car since it happened. we miss the car. tssc loaned us his perdana and i heard he's actually giving it to us, alhamdulillah if its true. but being in a sedan is far different than in an mpv. i'm not very comfortable as i'm putting asyraf in front with me. we still need car seats for the boys and we're risking one without.

hubby's better now. during the first week he was jumpy and would space out every now and then. he was not comfortable driving but now he's back to his merempit self, multi-tasking while he drives; texting, searching for the smart tag, folding his tie, looking at akmal at the back - everything all at once. guess he's more than ok.

we've put ourselves back in the world of 9-5 (or 8:30-5:30), sometimes later than that. hubby's off for an overseas trip soon. the home makeover task has been continued. and i've gotten back my love for reading (something other than the fan fiction on my berry).

a few pictures since that day...
the car at the scene

at the hospital. amir had trouble breathing the night after the accident and was given the nebuliser. hubby was asked a do a brain wave scan, which turned out normal


dieya said...

salina dear, i got a shock reading this entry and quickly digged out your past couple of entries that i missed out. i'm so glad that u, ur hubby and the eais are ok, alhamdulillah.
take care dear, i know you are stonger than a rock!

Chempaka Aurora said...

salam kak sally,
sy juga sgt terkejut dgn cerita akak. ur reaction facing the situation really amaze me. you, i agree u are stronger than a rock. syukurlah semuanya selamat.

ain said...

i looked at the photos..takutnya sbb ms gambar yg dulu tak nampak rupanya ke dalam lagi kereta tu pegi. i now that SA gak. U on the road to recovery..insya Allah all be ok.


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