Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekends Away

we've been spending 2 consecutive weekends away, due to hubby's commitments. on the first week of june. we went to hubby's friend's wedding...all the way in kuala terengganu. we thought about different alternatives, whether hubby should go alone on a daytrip, whether he should take amir only. we thought and thought, then heck it lah, we all went, we went overnight, we went late on saturday, hubby to attend the wedding, then we went home. quite a short trip but it was unplanned and hubby really wanted to see his friend get married.

we took firefly. going all the way to klia seemed like a torture. subagn airport is much better. it was out first time on firefly. it was pretty good. only ariff was a bit scared, especially during take off. kuala terengganu had not many hotels. when we went 2 years ago, we stayed in grand continental. not good. so this time we opted for primula beach resort. nothing much there, still not good.

we didnt go many places. we took the 8pm flight, got to the hotel at 9:30pm and slept straight away. the next day we went for a drive after breakfast, had lunch and hubby sent ariff, akmal and me back to the hotel while he took amir and ariff to his friend's wedding. after he came back, we went for a drive to pantai batu burok until about 6pm. then we went back to the hotel, quickly refreshed and went to the airport. our flight back was at 9pm.

at subang airport and in the plane...

going home after only 24 hours in KT...

the second weekend of june was the start of sukma. hubby had to go for the opening ceremony so he took all of us down to melaka. the agreement was for us to stay in the room while hubby went around for work. we drove down late friday morning and checked in at bayview hotel after a quick lunch at mahkota parade. not a good hotel (yet again). hubby left us to meet some people, send some things, take some things. that night, we went in search of ikan bakar. found a yummilicious place at crystal bay.

on the way back we saw a small ferris wheel. asyraf wanted a ride, so we stopped and took the boys up. a quick drive around town before we went back, bathed the boys, got them to sleep and hubby went out again.

the next day, hubby left quite early, so i was on my own with the boys until after lunch. breakfast was room service. then it was a colouring session and a couple of movies before the boys started to get on my nerves, so i got them to take a very early nap - at 11:30am! they slept til 1:30pm and hubby got back about half an hour after that. we went out in search of a late lunch. then hubby sent us home and he left for sukma opening. the boys were a bit tired after the walk.

on sunday we had breakfast at dataran pahlawan before driving back to kl. melaka is a pretty nice town. we wanted to do quite a few things - visit a'famosa, see hang tuah's historic sites, take the river cruise, see the big ship, go up menara taming sari and maybe up the eye of malaysia. maybe another trip for that, and especially another hotel for that (toss between equatorial and holiday inn).

on the way down south...the boys slept almost all the way.

they boys wanted to go up the ferris wheel. ariff was scared at first, then he loved it.

with 4 boys in a small room, lots of activities are required - colouring, toys, cds. on the 2nd day i was stretched so i made them take an ealy nap.

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