Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeover - Ariff & Akmal's Little Town

the second room to be made over is ariff and akmal's room. we call it tiza's room cos only tiza has used it since we moved in. the bad side about having 3 bedrooms & bathrooms upstairs is that we hardly ever use the 3rd room. we use the master bedroom, obviously and of course the tv lounge and once the boys (and their parents) need their space, we started to use the 2nd room. the unused 3rd room began to show after a couple of years. the room was spooky, the bathroom eeky, dust everywhere and it didnt feel homely. it was used mainly as the boys' time out room and occasionally for the once a month ironing of 2 shirts.

deciding on the colour for the room was easy. the boys have their own colour, so being ariff & akmal's room, it would be red and yellow. finding the right shade, though, was not so easy. i didnt know which red matches which yellow, i didnt know if the red i chose would look the same on the wall as it does on the pallete, i didnt know if the yellow would make the room hot or otherwise. more stressful than the making of the 'island of sodor' room.

zu gave me the idea of doing stripes of light and dark yellow. i love the idea but after watching the painter struggling to do stripes in amir's room, i was sceptical. it would take forever and i wasnt too confident when he said it would be more difficult to do stripes on the top half than on the bottom half of the wall. rosak karang, sapa nak jawab. so we changed the plan and went with different shade of yellow on each wall. dark light, dark light and so on and so forth (macam lord farquhar pulak).

it was not easy finding the border. there was no theme other than red and yellow. i didnt want another 'character' theme after thomas. i surfed and surfed and found a border that not only matched the 2 colours but also had pictures of cars and planes (that ariff love) and sorta like a town. and when i got it, i was pleasantly surprised at its height that it really became the centre of attraction and it compensated the decision to not proceed with the stripes.

after putting up amir's clouds i realised i should have bought something similar for ariff's room. i found wall stickers of clouds, hot air balloons and planes to match the border but did not purchase it. since the border was insufficient for the room and i need to get some more, now i have the excuse to order the stickers as well.

we still need a few more things to brighten up the room. it wont be like amir and asyraf's room until a couple of years since no one will be sleeping there but we wont make the mistake of leaving it totally unused again. for now, in my list is some glow in the dark stars for the ceiling, another roll of border, wall stickers, some pictures and, insyaallah in december, new curtains and 2 single beds.

the room started off extremely bare. absolutely nothing...well, nothing after all the junk have been thrown out.

after a simple coat of paint and the 2 rolls of border.

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