Thursday, May 06, 2010

What The Hey...

there's a lot of statements that (to put it mildly) irk me quite a bit. sometimes i wonder, what goes through one's mind when they say it. people tell me not to bother much. try as much as i can, i put them aside but sometimes, they are just too irritating to push away. i get extremely pissed (ahh...there's a better word) when i get comments about my boys.

1. daughters
honestly, this statement is the highest in the list of 'statements that make me want to punch someone in the face'. i mean, like, so what?? so what that i have all boys, so what that i have no daughters. do i bother you in any way? do i make you feel like i want to kidnap your daughter for some reason and make her mine? do i cry and whine and hit myself? i dont plan to have the boys that i have, i wouldnt even know how. i wished for boys, but i dont plan for boys. i prepare names for girls as well as boys when i was pregnant, its all beyond our control isnt it? but i am blessed...blessed beyond reason that i have what i wished for and i'll never, ever in a single second doubt that my life is not complete with no girls in the house. now to those who keep insisting i try for a girl...2 words...up yours!!

2. favourite
this is another statement that confuses me beyond reason. its one thing to have someone ask me which of the 4 boys is my favourite, but its another to hear people tell me they have a favourite. i dont get how someone who rarely see my children, have absolutely nothing to do with them, can choose one to be a favourite. hearing the words 'asyraf is my favourite', 'ariff is my favourite' is enough for me to raise 2 fingers and poke them in the person's eyes. of course the word favourite is not the only word used, there are variants to the word but leads to the same meaning. sometimes i get 'i like akmal the best', the best out of what? or i hear the word 'kesayangan' like they love one more than the other. give me a break...the parents dont even choose, so why should you who mean nothing to the boys. the teachers who spend more time than anyone else with the boys, dont choose (except for kak yus who makes her preference very obvious) so why should anyone else. jeez...seriously!

3. kesian
ahhh...another word i so honestly hate. everything is kesian. the boys get sick, kesian. the boys fall, kesian. the boys come home scrathed and bruised, kesian. the boys get scolding, kesian. if you have nothing better to say, dont say anything. i can deal with 'what happened' or 'who did they fight with' or 'why are they scolded'. i can deal with suggestions of what to give or how to handle or how to deal with them. i can deal with all those except for 'kesiannnnn' and nothing else. do you even know what happened that you pity them so much.

4. orang tua kata
sometimes this 'orang tua kata' thingy is taken so way out of context. its extremely evident during pregnancies and during confinement. everything that an orang tua say, must be taken importantly if're not taking care of your body or your life or you want to die a slow and painful death. its like, listen or die!! i mean seriously. a comment like...i feel like eating sushi will be followed by 'ehhhh orang tua kata tak baik makan tu'. or if one eats pasta during confinement, people around her will gasp, saying how 'orang tua' says do not eat pasta. they even know what a sushi is or a pasta is. but when it comes to check ups and pap smears, they dont hesitate to push those aside. here you are on one side chastisicing someone for going against your 'orang tua' statements, accusing them of not taking care of their bodies, yet you dont even want to take care of your own health. big Hs in my opinion...

yes i know...let it go, dont take it serious, let them say what they wanna say. heard that, practised that...been there, done that. but why tell me to let it go...tell them to let it go. tell them to shut the heck up. tell them to get over it. if they didnt say all those, i wouldnt be pissed, would i?


dieya said...

i feel like giving you a standing ovation for saying these stuffs loud and clear! score one to you babe!

Liza said...

i feel you, the favourite question people ask me now and i hate the most is...bila baby nak dapat adik, dah besar dia, patut dah dapat adik....



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