Sunday, May 23, 2010

That Other Work

i dont blog about work (the income earning one) much. why? cos its just work. dont get me wrong, i dont hate my 'career'. i do like working. with so many boys at home, going to work gives me the chance to 'get away from it all', just like going home gives me a chance to forget about work. i get a lot of comments about me not using my hard-earned education seeing that i went back to the working world as an administrative employee. they feel i should be a high-flying go getter. just because i have this paper titled 'master of science'.

sigh...again...siggghhhhhhhhhh. honestly, does it really matter? i like my job. i like doing filing. i like faxing. i like doing claims for people, keying in their leave, preparing their travel documents, preparing for events. i like. and i'm capable. isnt that more important. isnt that better than having approprite qualification for that kind of work but dont enjoy it and not capable.

i see people working late, working on weekends and i'm so not interested to be part of the crowd. i come in at 8:30am, i work, i go home at 5:30pm (ok...sometimes i do work late). that's it. i have time to fold the clothes, i have time to do the laundry, i have time to scream at my kids and i'm in bed in 9:30pm. i dont need to come in on weekends, i dont need to travel outstation, i dont need to entertain e-mails at 2am. great? heck yes...

after 4 years working in this company, i've been promoted once. it was a surprise, i wasnt expecting it. i seriously did not think much about climbing the corporate ladder. i do work, i do pretty good work and i go home. if people want to reward me, i'm ok with it. if not, its ok. i dont go around thinking 'i deserve this...i have the qualifications...i should be recognised'. alah relax lah. naik, naik...tak naik, takpe. life goes on. its just work, people.

i was one of the midnight oil burner group. i used to stay at the office til 10, 11pm. i've been one of those who come in before the sun rises and go home after the sun sets. i've done the 'working for 7 days a week, 30 days a month' song. that was before i had amir. now with asyraf, ariff and akmal to the list, i cant ever imagine doing the same. when i started planning for a family with hubby, we decided that he should be the one doing the climbing. he was open to the idea of having a stay-at-home wife (provided the ker-ching coming in was sufficient) and i loved the idea of stay-at-home mom. so i took a step back and hubby jumped double time. insyaallah, when he gives me the green light, i'll print the letter.

this kind of entry comes up every so often. usually once a year around may. why...cos that's B time hehehe. to K, thank you for the B and the L and especially the MB (what's that...the pmcare thingy lah).

my kawan for breakfast, lunch and kalau boleh, dinner. sibuk nak pregnant at the same time...

the people of tmo...honestly, the best department there is (pre-2009, that is)

eas of tmo enjoying our secretary's week luncheon

happening event of L37 - the potluck

new year, new department, new role, new place...

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Nisya Harisy 71 said...

Kak Salina...syiok nye if I can do the same thing. Like work only for THAT 8 hours - 830 till 530. =)


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