Friday, May 07, 2010

Akmal at 14 Months

its been ages since i wrote an entry about the boys' development. i mean, a long, long, desriptive entry. i'll probably do that soon, once i find the time to sort out which boy has done what. for now, i'm going to concentrate on my ickle baby akmal.

still not walking. i'm praying, he's practising. but still not walking. if he walks within the next couple of week, then he'll be just like his abang long. amir started walking when he was 14 & a half months, asyraf and ariff both walked when they turned 12 months. if akmal were to take his first step within this month, then my first and my last both would have the same milestone.

akmal loves attention. he loves when daddy calls him, when mummy cries out his name, when his abangs play around him. he can never be alone, he hates being alone. having said that, he hates the crowd. when we're with other people, he could cling to hubby or me, he would yell out when someone picks him up, he would get all teary when someone carries him. in school he's like that too. you'd think for a baby who spend his days at a nursery since he turned 2 months would be people-friendly but akmal's not. he's attached to 1 teacher, cikgu fakin, and would scream if another teacher carries him. pelik lah mal ni.

akmal loves to talk. he talks and talks and talks. of course nobody understands what he's trying to say but he'll talk his heart out. his mouth is non-stop making noises. a bit weird that all my boys talk a lot. i thought there'd be one who is quiet and reserved, but no. they all talk a lot, they all want to say their piece, they all want to be heard. we used to think amir was the talkative one and asyraf was the quiet one. we're right about amir, we're wrong about asyraf. now ariff joins in with his 'ni mok nyer's and 'bukan lah's and 'takkkkkk's and 'mok chop ni's. he has to have his say. and now, the icing on the cake, is akmal izzat's voice among the crowd.

akmal loves his towels. he'd hold a small towel when he's sleeping, when he's trying to soothe himself, when he's bored, he's sitting watching tv. there's no particular towel that he likes, he's easy...any towel. give him one and he'll start stuffing his face with it, he'll start playing pee-ka-boo with it, he'll start holding it with one hand and stuffing his thumb into his mouth (which is an indication that he's falling asleep).

akmal had no problem with his milk intake. initially it was a bit stressful with his dribbling but in terms of feeding, akmal has always been an on-schedule baby. he used to drink every 4 hours on the dot. a small 4-oz bottle would last 4 hours. exactly to the minute, he would cry out for another bottle. it was easy to plan for a good night's sleep around that. then the feeding became less until now, when he only needs 3 bottles a day. he would take his first bottle around 11am, another after lunch (to sleep) and another before he goes to bed at 9pm. in between he doesnt ask for milk and prefers to eat. unless he doesnt get his food, then he'd ask for another bottle. max 4 a day. that too, is not full formula. we only put 3-4 scoops in a full 9-oz bottle. counting the days til he finally stops bottle-feeding, hopefully its before he turns 20 months.

akmal is, honestly, an easy child to take care off. he can play on his own, he's easily comforted by the telly, he sleeps easily on his own and on schedule and now he's taken to matchbox cars which he would push with his index finger back and forth - that's entertainment to him and can easily last 20 minutes. 20 minutes of pure heaveness for mummy!

akmal latest pictures...bless you, baby boy. you're wonderful to have around...

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Liza said...

dah besar akmal, so cute and adorable...


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