Monday, April 05, 2010

Akmal at 13 months

akmal turned 13 months last weekend. still a no-walking akmal. the boy is extremely lazy. everything we stand him up, we would wobble his legs and sit back down. we've put him behind the hippo-walker-thingy, he'd rather push and let the hippo walk without him. he doesnt seem to be interested in walking. i know some children would push themselves, especially if they see other children walking, running around. but not akmal, he's content with laying down on top on mummy on the swing while his abangs run around the garden.

i'm very (almost always, anyway) punctual with the boys immunisation. not being a nerd or anything but i dont like putting them off. once you put them off, there'll be a risk of the next one being put off then your schedule will go haywire. with 4, you cant afford that. one haywire schedule is ok...but 4?! big no no.

i felt bad that akmal's immunisation schedule was a month behind. with our work schedule, we didnt have time to take him for the MMR jab when he turned 12 months. but surprise, surprise, they now have a new jab which combines the MMR with the chicken pix jab (which should be taken at 13 months) called MMRV. so now akmal is back on track.

he's also on track with his weight. he now weighs 9.1kg, which is more than triple his birth weight. the queue at the pead's clinic was extra-ordinarily long on a friday afternoon. usually if we get there at 430pm, we can see him by 5pm. but we only saw him at 7pm that evening. thank God, akmal slept while waiting...better than any of his brothers would if they were in his shoes.

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