Monday, April 26, 2010

546: The Middle

what daddy should hear:
while watching ice age...
amir: mummy, nanti mummy beli lah elephant yang kecik
mummy: kan mummy dah beli, yang dalam cot akmal tu
amir: alaaa...amir nak elephant yang betul-betul, yang boleh gerak-gerak tu
mummy: tapi nanti sapa nak wash doo doo dia
amir: takpe, tak payah wash, biar saja
mummy: nanti amir pijak doo doo dia, busuk lah
amir: ok lah...mummy beli meow saja
mummy: meow pun kena wash doo doo jugak
amir: tak payah meow, mummy beli hanjing je
mummy: eh hanjing nanti Allah marah
asyraf: aah...Allah tak suka hanjing lah
amir: alamak...amir nak animal mana nanti

while having lunch...
amir: sedapnya chicken kfc, amir nak makan banyak-banyak
mummy: amir suruh lah daddy beli banyak-banyak
amir: nanti daddy balik naik aeroplane, amir nak mintak
asyraf: nanti daddy balik, dia pegi office pulak
mummy: kenapa daddy nak pegi office lagi
asyraf: sebab dia banyak kerja
mummy: apa daddy buat banyak sangat kat office
asyraf: dia tengok movie

what daddy should see:
the boys having fast food on saturday and sunday...

akmal with his new shoes and with a comb...

ariff, who has the flu, praying...

amir, asyraf and ariff preparing a surprise for daddy...

what daddy should smell:
the boys when they sleep..ewwww

what daddy should do:
avoid trips that run over the weekend...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Outing

we seldom go out to a mall on weekends. we do go out, but very rarely. taking all 4 out can be a challange and takes a lot of energy. time, not so much cos we plan where to go and what to buy and what to eat, beforehand. and we never spend more than 3 hours at a mall. more than that is just time-wasting. if i need to get anything for myself or for the boys, i'd do it during a working day or when i'm on my off day. going out shopping with the boys is just ridiculous.

after many, many saturdays of not going anywhere - with the retreat and hubby's weekend events - we finally made plans to visit one utama yesterday. main agenda was for hubby to shop for his trip next week. once that was done, we just walked around a bit. when the crowd started getting bigger, we stopped for lunch then a quick pit stop at parkson to buy a car each for the boys then we went home. all in 3 hours, bringing only a bottle of milk and 2 diapers (which we didnt use). not bad...soon it'll be none of those baggages anymore.

all ready to go...

we wanted to leave earlier but our wonderful neighbour sent over some spaghetti...alhamdulillah

the kecoh boys and i...

lunching at chilis. hubby had ny strip steak, i had chicken tacos and the boys had hot diggity...

ariff so happy after getting the car...

home sweet home. ariff tired from his dancing...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost There

akmal's slowly getting himself to be part of his abangs' group. last time they used to ignore him during playtime, they felt he was getting in the way, which is understandable. he only crawls, of course and he wouldnt understand a single thing they said. so he was no-fun to them. akmal was the one they go to for hugs and to let go their geram-ness, but never to play with.

that has changed of late. akmal can tumble with the best of them (of course followed by a loud cry), he can thomas with the other trains, he loves the toy cars and he can laugh out loud with his abangs. he was recently introduced to a game of hide and seek. since he's the slowest, he would seek rather than hide.


akmal's coming...akmal's coming...

wait wait...


aarrghhhh...he cant see us...

amir's favourite line "ni anak kita"...

for this one, akmal sat out...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Akmal at 13 months

akmal turned 13 months last weekend. still a no-walking akmal. the boy is extremely lazy. everything we stand him up, we would wobble his legs and sit back down. we've put him behind the hippo-walker-thingy, he'd rather push and let the hippo walk without him. he doesnt seem to be interested in walking. i know some children would push themselves, especially if they see other children walking, running around. but not akmal, he's content with laying down on top on mummy on the swing while his abangs run around the garden.

i'm very (almost always, anyway) punctual with the boys immunisation. not being a nerd or anything but i dont like putting them off. once you put them off, there'll be a risk of the next one being put off then your schedule will go haywire. with 4, you cant afford that. one haywire schedule is ok...but 4?! big no no.

i felt bad that akmal's immunisation schedule was a month behind. with our work schedule, we didnt have time to take him for the MMR jab when he turned 12 months. but surprise, surprise, they now have a new jab which combines the MMR with the chicken pix jab (which should be taken at 13 months) called MMRV. so now akmal is back on track.

he's also on track with his weight. he now weighs 9.1kg, which is more than triple his birth weight. the queue at the pead's clinic was extra-ordinarily long on a friday afternoon. usually if we get there at 430pm, we can see him by 5pm. but we only saw him at 7pm that evening. thank God, akmal slept while waiting...better than any of his brothers would if they were in his shoes.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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