Friday, February 12, 2010

Stress Reliever

i know i blog and fb about it wayyy to much i love doing laundry. its my time alone, its my theraphy (except when ariff tries to help and end up ruining everything). time time off away from the screams of the botak boys, away from all the toy throwing.

i have my laundry schedule, daily, weekly schedules. the boys clothes need to be washed everyday. considering each wear 4 outfit a day (uniform, pajamas & 2 day outfit), i have 16 outfits a day. if i wash once in 2 days, that'll be 32 pairs. imagine hanging them, then folding. i might as well do a small load but daily. at least, i dont get swamped at one go.

before i go off on trips, i make sure my laundry basket is empty. i'd wash everything i can, even the clothes worn the night before the trip. i'd wait by the boys' bathroom for them to throw thee pajamas, then quickly run down and start the machine. at least when i come back the laundry basket is empty and i can start washing the clothes worn during the trip.

folding is also a passion. i love folding clothes. sometimes i get irritated with the small underwear but they add colour to the load. i can fold clothes almost anywhere, standing at the island in the kitchen, standing at the dining table, outside the boys' bathroom while watching them bathe, on my sejadah while i wait for isyak, standing and draping clothes over my thigh...anywhere. clothes must be folded in pairs, pants must be put with (actually folded into) the tops. that's to make hubby's job easier. he doesnt need to worry about matching.

one thing i dont do, though, is ironing. i hate ironing. more so ironing shirts.

a normal (2 day) load for the boys...

all folded and ready to be kept...


Liza said...

i wish i am passionate about laundry like you...sigh....

ain said...

i only have 1 daughter and 1 boy pun rasa mcm doing laundry for 10 ppl. My girl loves to change clothes every few hours.

Julie said...

I love folding clothes and keep them neatly in the closet. But like you, I hate ironing especially pants.


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