Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i get a lot of 'how do you' questions. how do you manage the boys, how do you work and handle house work, how do you survive without a maid. sometimes i answer...sometimes i wonder, is it so difficult? i mean, honestly, susah sangat ke? i'm not saying i'm so blardy good, i'm far from the superwoman some people label me.

but, do we do it...routine. plain and simple. do something many, many times, you'll be good at it. do something many, many times, you can do it with your eyes closed. do something many, many times, its bound to get easier. i do simple work, simple things so that my life is easy and well...simple.

in the morning, i never fail to:
  • wash akmal's bottle (only 1 that he uses before he sleeps, akmal doesnt get up for night feed, so i dont have bottles and bottles to wash)
  • clear his hot water flask and put the water in a tumbler for his nestum dinner
  • clear plates from last nights dinner
  • change akmal's diapers
  • put the boys' pajamas for the night on the bed

when we come back in the evening i would:
  • pick up the clothes from the clothes line
  • take out all the clothes worn during the day from the boys' bags
  • put in all the clothes set aside on the dining table in the boys' bags
  • leave the bags near the stairs or the front door
  • clean akmal's 2 bottles (i only put 2 bottles for him to bring to school)
  • prepare the boys' snacks for the next day - usually cookies or bread with chocolate spread
  • feed akmal
  • boil water to put in akmal's flask
  • fold clothes
  • start the washing machine
  • set aside amir and asyraf's clothes for school the next day
  • and just before going to sleep, i would put the clothes on the clothes line

while i do all these (except sidai kain), hubby would:
  • feed the boys
  • put the bags in the car
  • bathe the boys

my list seem longer but hubby's tasks require more patience. i dont have 3 boys to scream at and to run around after. after 4 years of doing the same thing, takkanlah tak reti-reti lagi nak handle kan?

so there...easy peasy lemon squeezy. to me, its whether you want or you dont want. if you want, its do-able. if you keep saying i cant and its difficult then cant and its difficult. you decide...


ChAm@CiDa said...
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mizzrina said...


jadikan satu rutin and it will be easy.... lebih kurang sama dgn i... during working days... dah jadi macam berjadual bila balik rumah jek u do the same routine ... yg berbeza bila weekend jek coz ade byk free time...

and most important ialah kerjasama dari hubby... kalau semua buat sendiri rasanya tak terhandle..

Cujie said...

yes WE can!

bila anak dah sekolah tambah lagi kerja iaitu HOMEWORK. Selalu buat after Maghrib then continue with mengaji session. hehehe..

pandai buat anak pandai la jaga... ye tak... tapi apa² pun u la my inspiration.

nzh1979 said...

caiyok2.. mmg routine is routine la kan.. that life..bila lama2 buat semua jadik mudah...yg penting kerjasama ;) thanks to god yg memberi incik2 somi yg sudi tolong isteri2 mereka wat keje umah & melayan anak2..huhu :D

nzh1979 said...

haah la cujie kata tu..sok anak skolah sure kena monitor homework dorang plak kan.. skang ni takat ajar abc 123 je..ehehhe

eza said...

betul tu kak saya setuju.
Jgn anggap sesuatu perkara tu susah nak handle kalu ianya tak di cuba.Pantang saya kalu cam tu.

Ada kalanya saya lakukannya bersendirian.Penat memang penat tapi at last ia mendatangkan kepuasan sebab kita mampu buat semuanya tanpa bantuan maid... :p

Betul tu suzi,zam...
Bila sampai masa anak2 dah start sekolah routine akan berubah sikit.Kena concentrate plak pada homework meraka...

Pinkwatch said...

love your new template!! cantik dan segar!

Liza said...

yup, to me i takes discipline, things are harder at first but once we are used to it, that's when it becomes routine

mama3A's said...

setuju sgt... lebih senang bila kita handle sendiri ... :)


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