Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Langkawi Day 3

we woke up a little unsure of what we'll be doing. it was either shopping or taking the speedboat joyride. we finally decided on going shopping. to have a less-stressful time, we sent amir and asyraf to the kids club again.

some pictures from breakfast. amir and asyraf got personalised pancakes from the kakak pancake. the staff are excellent.

we went to idaman suri, i got a grill pan and a 5-piece pot set. then its off to al-ikhsan for some sports attire for the boys. tiza went ahead to get batik, then its tapau mcd lunch and back to the hotel.

i called a babysitter for akmal and hubby and i took ariff to the beach. it was nice and hot and cool at the same time. the beach was wonderful but the water not so.

i took ariff back to the room to pack while hubby went to pick amir and asyraf, who was sleeping in front of the telly.

we left the hotel at 5:30pm for the airport. after checking-in, we sat at the westin lounge where everything was complimentary. hubby said, everyone walloped everything haha. our flight was at 7:30pm and then it was home sweet home.

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s2m3r said...

i love the gambar in the bath tab...huhuhu..loves to see the 4 botaks in the bathtab...huhuhu


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