Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Langkawi Day 1

the whole family (inclusive the damansara clan) went for a holiday last week. tiza calls it her 'post chicken pox confinement cum birthday' trip. whatever rocks your boat, tiza. what's important is that we went, dont matter what its called.

the preparation for the holiday was slightly stressful particularly because it needs to be prepared with proper itinerary (with no empty timeslots) and budget submission (which later got slashed). it started with a 4 days, 3 nights trip but was shortened to 3 days, 2 nights. our suggestion to book a 1-bedroom villa with a private pool was also turned down. we got over it, though it took some time, and re-did the itinerary.

the flight to langkawi was at 11am, we left the house at 9:30am. slightly later than planned as i just had to settled that one load of laundry. we decided to drive and park at the airport instead of taking the airport taxi. the flight back was quite late and to wait for the taxi at klia may take a long time. at least if we drove we'd be home sooner. the charges was roughly the same too, so our car it is.

the boys didnt know we were about to go off on a holiday. we wanted to surprise them. more than that, they didnt know that tiza and tisu would be coming with us. they were honestly confused seeing tok and the rest at the airport. the flight was delayed for 10 minutes, good thing we were in the golden lounge until 5 minutes before the scheduled take-off time so all-in-all we waited only 15 minutes.

the flight was uneventful except the akmal-threw-up-on-the-guy-sitting-next-to-me incident (and what a coincidence that he stayed at the same hotel and came back on the same flight, seated exactly as the outgoing flight) and the slight problem with the rented car but they all went away when we got to the hotel. it was fantastic - beautiful and spacious. the room was excellent with flat screen tv, dvd player, a coffee maker and a rain shower. the single beds in the room was larger than super single beds.

the view from the room was excellent. we can see the ocean, the infinity and kids pools, the pathway heading down to the pool and the side view of the taste restaurant (which serve seriously delicious food - more on that later).

on tiza's itinerary, we were supposed to have lunch before heading out to underwater world but that didnt materialise. it made amir sickly and he missed out on the first bit of the tour as he had to go to the loo to throw up. he started feeling better towards the end of the tour but by that time, it was hubby and i who were feeling tired and nauseated. it was bad enough handling 4 boys but to do it on an empty stomach was horrible. we also missed out on the seafood dinner at pantai cenang as some had eated at the underwater world cafe (how in the world did that happen?!)

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dieya said...

4 boys and still travelling.. you rock girl! love the pic of asyraf n the aircraft ;-) thank you for flying malaysia airlines!
p.s. guess wat, i've never been to langkawi.. ngehehehe


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