Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank You

akmal's carer is saying goodbye to TIS. her last day was last Friday but she's back to get her things today. i'm sad i didnt know earlier, i wanted to get her something. she's been a great help with akmal, providing updates almost on a daily basis. i would love for her to be around til akmal moves on to the 1-2 year old class, selfish me, or at least til he turns 1.

i wish her all the best in her studies. thank you kak imah...


egain said...

bukan senang kan nk dpt carer/teacher yg ikhlas dgn anak2 org.

Liza said...

i remembered when the same thing happen to me before, mmg sedih and at the same time worried whether the replacement will be as good

btw - Happy New Year!!


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