Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plans For 2010

looking back at the plans for 2009, the only thing that did not materialise this year was the long holiday. but then, that was the plan made in early 2009. by the time i reach mid-2009, the long holiday was taken over by clearing of debt, which alhamdulillah hubby and i managed to do. for this year, the long holiday will make a reappearance and this time, insyaallah, it will come true.

again, no resolutions for the new year, just monthly plans and aspirations. it makes 12 long months seem closer and planned out. the plans for the upcoming 2010 are:

january - amir turns 5. he wants a ben10 cake. a fresh new start for me? i really hope things would be clearer when everyone returns. right now, everything's in a limbo.

february - hoping our home sweet home would be new too. after 5 years, it really needs a fresh look...sigh.

march - ickle akmal izzat is one year old! march is a busy, busy month. all aboard for akmal's first birthday party. a not-to-be-missed fair. company holiday towards the end of march. looking forward to nice things in march.

april - appraisal is usually due around this time, isnt it? the boys' sports day is also in april. wonder how it would be this year now that taska rapid is under a new management. i hope they still have sports day for TIS students.

may - then the $$$ in may. prolly all used before its announced. but then, its for a good cause, so its ok. besides paying for the big purchase, i hope to add breadmaker and juicer to the kitchen.

june / july - things will start to mellow down...nothing big planned for middle of the year. oh yes...that 2 days of "was-was dah ganti ke belum" fast. its usually during this time that kindies have open day. we're planning to enrol amir and asyraf in the kindy near the house in january 2011 so that they can interact and make friends with their future primary school friends. so these 2 months will be of school visits, decision makings and registrations.

august - fasting month is getting earlier and earlier. again, i would have to take one day off for nuzul al-quran as the daycare is closed and hubby would grow horns with 4 boys at home.

september - hubby's ker-ching received at the end of this month will be used for booking. 2nd part of the fair, just in case we didnt get any during the march fair.

october - a year older. a quiet celebration for hubby, ariff and me.

november - asyraf turns 4, less crying and whining, i hope. hubby's 2nd batch of $$$$. for things that we have not booked. sometimes you get good deals when making last minute booking. like the sports day, i hope this year there will still be a convocation day for the boys. it'll be amir and asyraf's last convocation at TIS.

december - after 10 long years, i hope and pray our plan will materialise. amin.

to one and all, have a happy and peaceful 2010...


andy21 said...

i luv the May one. $$$.. hehehe
also Nov.. hehehe.. u know kan?

s2m3r said...

tu diaaaaa.....sudah ada plan for the weeeeee


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