Monday, November 23, 2009

Year End Concert

unlike the sports day earlier in the year, all 4 boys participated in the school event this time. i really wanted ariff to take part as i dont want to see him left behind. i've been bugging the boys to show me what they were performing but they wouldnt let on. i guess they just didnt know i was as curious as the cat, they'd probably think its not a big deal. hello!! this is your mummy, okay! everything's a big deal to me.

so for this year, amir was supposed to perform a chinese fan dance (but he brought home a note that said, outfit changed, so he was the only one not in chinese costume) and a japanese song. asyraf sang 123 in arabic and did the hokey pokey. ariff sang lagu buah and burung kakak tua. even akmal was on stage, he had a bayi sihat competition.

the day started great. hubby and i dropped the boys off in school and went to have breakfast nearby. we came back just in time for the show to start. first up was akmal. i didnt know what to do to show him as 'comel and sihat' so i bought him a mickey mouse outfit. he was paraded on stage with other babies his age. then it was ariff's turn. he looked so relaxed with his hand in his pocket. then asyraf was on stage...he gave the best performance of the day, we loved it.

the taska's performance stopped at asyraf. they then announced results for the baby competition. my ickle mickey mouse came second, surprisingly. then asyraf was called on stage to take his prize for getting no 2 in class. then it was the tadika children, starting with amir and his class. after 2 performance, they gave out prizes to his class. amir got no 5 and went away with a consolation prize.

it was wonderful as all the boys performed and received prizes. hubby and i also managed to have a quick bite to eat after the concert as the boys were well looked after by their teachers.

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