Friday, October 23, 2009

Triple Birthday

october's a happy month...its filled with 3 birthdays, hubby's mine and ariff's (in descending order). last year, when ariff turned a year old, we had only 1 celebration, that was all for ariff (turning 1 is a big deal right?)

this year, i planned a different type of celebration. a 3-in-1, adding another love of ours, hotel-stay! i surfed for a good deal at any nearby hotel and found one for pullman putrajaya. hubby and i love taking the family away for a short break, putrajaya seem to fit our criterias for that kind of break.

we didnt tell the boys of our plans, we didnt want the 'bila nak pegi ni...' questions. hubby and i took the luggage to the hotel, unpacked and let thomas and the whole island of sodor familiarise themselves with the room. we went to pick the boys up, who were all geared up in their jammies. when they got into the car, we were bombarded with 'kenapa lambat' from amir and asyraf. then when we took the klia turning on nkve, amir demeanor changed from questioning to anger. he was going on about how hubby missed the turning. he kept quiet for a bit when he saw the lights of putrajaya, and then screamed like mad when we drove into the hotel parking.

all in all, it was a good getaway. we had a nice cake-blowing session in the room for ariff and me. hubby got some nice pictures. the boys got their 'nak pegi hotel' wish. thanks to helly of bake at home, for the yummy cake!

the weekend after i planned a birthday brunch for hubby. i asked around for a good family-oriented restaurant and was extremely happy with angela's suggestion of marmalade (will try the PJ restaurant soon...)

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