Thursday, November 05, 2009

Swimming Class

like any child, my boys love the pool. hubby and i encouraged them to like, and not be afraid of, water since they were young. we'd sometimes put their faces under running water while they have their bath (not until they choke, mind you, only to let them feel the water running on their faces). over time they'd be doing it themselves. ariff even would stick his head ostrich-like underwater.

a visit to any hotel or to wan's house would not be complete without a dip in the pool. it was an incident at the latter that prompted us to push the boys to start their classes earlier than expected. we thought of enrolling amir and asyraf sometime next year. but amir had a 'drowning' session during raya so we decided to start him off earlier. maybe asyraf can start with ariff late next year.

amir's been showing good progress the first month. he can blow bubbles under water and can swim from one end to the other. usually asyraf would follow and swim at the other end of the pool.

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opsiedaisy said...

wow...just like my swimming lesson days at Bangsar Sports Centre.


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