Friday, November 20, 2009

Asyraf Is Three

asyraf turned 3 on november 20th. he was pretty excited about his birthday, he even chose a pooh theme. we've agreed before that the boys would only have big celebrations for their first birthday and then at significant years (7, 12, 16). that depends, not anything fixed. i would love to throw a big birthday party for all 4 boys at one time. that would be my ultimate party dream.
asyraf has shown great progress this year.

the good thing about having birthday at the year end, is that you can see progress as the year passes. asyraf had a great year in school. he started learning this year, and had exams 4 times this year. easy exams, nothing major. simple ABC, 123, alif ba ta. asyraf was number 1 during the mid year exam (at TIS level only) and was number 2 at the year end exam (at the TIS and Taska Rapid level). we are so proud of him.

asyraf has turned into quite a chatterbox. he would talk and sing and whine about amir. he would ask questions and call out to people. he's forever going 'kerapa...kerapa...kerapa'. asyraf takes in things pretty fast, especially movements. he can remember dance moves after watching only once or twice.

asyraf has a love-hate relationship with amir. they fight but they're the best of friends. he still has a hate-hate relationship with ariff. and tries to be brotherly with akmal. but over all, asyraf is still quite the loner. he can play by himself while his brothers eat. he can sleep on his own while his brothers play.

cant wait to see how asyraf will be as he turns 4...

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