Monday, October 26, 2009

Raya Get-Together

with 4 boys in tow, its difficult to attend festive open houses or birthday parties or any type of get-together. usually hubby would go taking 50% of the 4 boys with him. if we do go with the whole gang, it would be a quick hi-makan-bye.

i do miss being part of the celebration so when yam called up saying she wants to come over, with her big big family, i was excited. within 2 minutes i planned what to cook. it would be just a simple soto, pasta and jelly. in the end i didnt even prepare the jelly due to lack of time and pots and pans.

yam came with most of the boys' teachers - ummu, cikgu dina, cikgu kak long, kak kimah, kak imah and their respective other halves, children and emmm...adik mamat. it was wonderful as i got to eat, hubby got to take pictures and the boys were looked after yeayy...

so cikgu, next year boleh lah datang lagi ye?

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