Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ariff Is Two

to describe ariff iqhwan in one word would be 'easy'...from conception (not many people can come back from a maternity leave being pregnant! and with a 'kucing gatal' title to boot) to pregnancy (no morning sickness - not that i get any for all my pregnancies, no cravings, not even extreme weight gain - i gained around 12kg, of course i didnt lose any from pregnancy no 2, but hey, lets not dwell on that) to delivery (only 3 hours in the labour room) to confinement (proudly managed a sendirian berhad confinement) all the way to taking care of him (ariff would sleep through his bath, sleep through the night almost immediately, sleep through...basically everything). one thing i loved about ariff was how easy it was to soothe him. if he starts getting fussy, i would just take him into the kitchen, put him in his bumbo seat on the island in the middle of the kitchen and let him watch me cook. he immediately would calm down.

but good things dont last. the 'easy' ariff is now becoming 'not-so-easy'. ariff bites, he's spoilt, he whines, he's rough, he bullies, he doesnt listen, he's greedy, . and who's fault is that?! i put my hand up. its entirely my fault. why? because he was so easy. he's so easy that i spoil him. ariff gets away with everything. he gets a smack on his mouth when he bites, then it'll be "oh baby mummy..." and the mother ends up crying. hah!!

having akmal changed him a bit. he wasnt too happy about getting the limelight stolen from him, he cried when akmal was brought home for the first time but once he warmed up to the idea of being a big brother, he was an angel. he would look for izzat (he refuse to call him akmal) the first thing in the morning with his sepet eyes still all sepet. he would run to akmal when he cries. he loves sitting in akmal's cot keeping him company. the bullying, the biting has gone down a notch...hopefully he'll be less spoilt soon.

having said all that, ariff is a wonderful toddler. his smile, his one-line eyes, his gemok-ness, his laugh, his bontot burger, his 'i'm not afraid of water so i'll rendam my head in the bathtub' attitude, his love of food (no one gets to be that gemok without liking to eat), his obsession with buses and brooms, his love for akmal and the 'big brother' status, his 'uuuu' when someone says 'i love you, ariff', his willingness to stop formula and bottles (yeayyyyy...). so my wish as we celebrate his 2nd birthday is for ariff to start talking properly, for him to be ok in his new class (he has started the toddler class in school), for him to not be so greedy with food (and stop hiding cookies under his shirts) and for him to be, well...ariff.

 entry on ariff is just not complete if there's no gomok pictures of the yesteryears...


Diana (Mama Adam Mukhriz) said...

Happy Birthday Ariff ;-)

nae said...

Happy Birthday Ariff. Please spare mommy the terrible two phase.

p/ his pic sitting on his bumbo seat

Afne said...

happy birthday ariff. be good boy ya!

mommamia said...

happy bday ariff!2 thn dah?goshh sgt cpt,rasa mcm baru jer attend bday party dia thn lps,apa2 pun ariff mmg adorable lah,sejuuk je tgk muka ariff,tp gmbr last atas bumbo seat tu mmg tak thn tgk,moksss sgt!!hihi

mummydida said...

Happy Birthday Arif..

kak sally..lama tak tgk kak sally..windu..:)


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