Wednesday, August 05, 2009


high fever hit amir & asyraf during the weekend. we gave them paracetamol and phenergen. alhamdulillah amir recovered almost immediately. asyraf's fever still lingered. by monday, he was terrible. his teacher said his face was all red and warm. since i wasnt feeling too good, we decided to take him (and myself) to the nearby clinic.

the queue was long. there were about 20 people waiting to see the doctor and we had to wait almost 1 and a half hours. by that time asyraf's fever had shot up so much. soon as we walk into the doctor's clinic, he took asyraf's temperature and decided to give him voltaren. he then listed down all the medicine asyraf was to take for his fever, cough and flu and prescribed antibiotic. the doctor then checked me and said i needed to rest a couple of days, my fever hasnt gone up too high but i was to rest before it went up.

when we got home, we just slept. that's what happened for 2 days, asyraf and i just took our medicine and slept all day long. we slept together in the boys room as i didnt want the other boys to fall sick as well. over the past 3 days (including today) our temperature went up and down from high of 37c to 38c and 39c. and over the past 3 days, i had overdose of shrek trilogy. whenever i asked asyraf to watch something else, he'd reply with...biarlah.

asyraf and i dont get fever very often (flu and cough yes...but not fever) but when it came, it came with a bang. being at home for 3 days does have its rewards. i managed to clear off my laundry, which is something i love doing. fever or no fever, laundry must still be done, clothes must still be folded, boys bags must still be prepared, bottles must still be sterilised and floors must still be swept. fever or no fever, i still have cravings for a good old steak (where'd that come from?)


mummy aryan syamil said...

kak sally..
aryan pun demam gak..adoiii melepek je die pastu xmau berengang ngn mummy..smpi mummy pun da jangkit ngn die..

tkcr k:)

nzh1979 said...

laa..syian nye mummy ngan asyraf
skang mmg musim penyakit kan..
take care

kombat said...

moga cepat sembuh ye suma..

shiemz said...

Skrg nie musim demam kot kan.. pastu musim H1N1.. aiyyooo... sgt takut~!! Hadzeq ngan papa dier pun baru baik demam nieh... ghisau betul... Whatever, take care kak sally n the boys...

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

alahai siann dorg ..kita doakan dorg semua kembali sihat ..kak sally take care of urself also ok ;-)

mommamia said...

sally,get well soon,ni tgh musim penyakit mcm2 ni,mmg cpt2 kena gi clinic ,jgn delay2 tau,semoga u n asyraf cpt sembuh..(smpt lg tu buat laundry,tp mmgkan?org pompuan ni sakit ke tak sakit ke,hati asik ingt nak kemas rumah jer kan)

zie said...

i can imagine how hard this situation is for you and the family. I had the same experience last winter, afia and i were both awfully hubby just getting it..i hv to call an ambulnace to fetch afia to ER as hubby couldnt drive due to his terrible headache - we all went on the ambulance - after admitted afia in the children's hospital -i then, admitted my self in the general hospital - again anik ambulance pi sana - horrifying experience.

sangat kesian i tgk asyraf dlm gambar tuh..i really hope all of u get better soon..take care..drink plenty of liquid..


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