Monday, August 03, 2009

He's 5!!

akmal turns 5 months today. while some regards 6 months as being a milestone, for akmal its 5. at 5 months old, akmal starts eating. he's been eating nestum in school and at home for a few days. we thought that when he starts eating, he'll sleep through the night. its not been the case, he still gets up for that 2am feed. its so irritating cos it really cuts my sleep in half and for a 4-5oz feed, akmal...seriously its so not worth it!

in a couple of days, we'll stop sterilising akmal's bottles. we've got just a couple more tablets at home, then it'll be un-sterilised bottles for akmal. got to get the drainer and a new bottle brush first though.

akmal has stopped taking enfalac AR and is now drinking enfalac. we were scared to give him the plain enfalac because he spits out a lot of milk while drinking. alhamdulillah it hasnt been so bad after the change. the key is to give when he really, really wants milk (let him cry out first) and make the milk quite hot. the milk dribbling business has made his neck very raw. at times we can see it bleeds. but he's hasnt been fussy because of it, surprisingly.

akmal hated his baby carrier and would cry out all the time. we bought a new car seat for him, one which is higher. he loves it now...maybe because he can see his brothers.

akmal's so relaxed. he only started raising his head less then a month ago. that too with a pillow under his chest. he hasnt rolled over or shuffle or anything. lazy bum, this boy. i notice this is the case for babies who sleep on their back. asyraf started shuffle way early as his 2nd month. that led to him falling down the bed, so maybe taking it easy like akmal is not such a bad thing.

he's started to discover his hands and loves playing with them. he wants to grab things but he hasnt mastered that yet.

akmal is the apple of his brothers' eyes. while they scream and yell and scratch and kick each other, when they turn to akmal they tend to get all googly eyed and coo and kiss. because akmal was born in a pretty large family, he doesnt like silence. if he's left alone in a quiet room, he'll start fussing and call out for attention.


saveme_zero said...

alahai..geramnya kak. pinjam sehari dua buat kawan alya leh..hahaha

egain said...

so adorable. he looks like abg long.

PHiRa said...

geng adief ni:-D

Cujie said...

muka akmal iras muka auntie cujie opsss abg long la... hehehe

no wonder la dia bum bum... dah start makan ye...

Anonymous said...

sebaknya baca....

akmal mmg suka attention kan. marah betul kalau org wat dek ngan dia. hehe..teringat si asyraff cium-cium dia then ckp "eee...geram aku!!". hahaha..very cute!!

-mummy arsyad @tizu-

mummy aryan syamil said...

so ensem...:)

zie said...

ina..akmal sangat2 iras ngan ariff :)..i luv the pics where arif kisses his chumel, geram nk gigit dedua :)


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