Wednesday, August 19, 2009


all kinds of feelings come about when i see this photo...happy, sad, excited, proud, tired beyond belief, tickled, angry, loved. to make mummy feel better, lets go make your passport boys...

amir drives me crazy with his questions and opinions...
asyraf makes me angry with his hyperness and pinching and kicking...
ariff annoys with his constant fighting with asyraf...
akmal stresses me out with his cries...

Friday, August 14, 2009


there's a few things i'm very 'pantang' about. no, not those 44-days pantang. heck, for those i'm lucky if i manage to reach 4 (let alone 44) days.

one thing i'm so tremendously 'pantang' about is the phrase 'orang tua kata...' honestly, this phrase can make the most brilliant person become stupid. yes, seriously...stupid, that's the word. why beat around the bush?! if you want to scare someone, just say 'orang tua kata...' and you'll be sure of making them eat out of your hands. 'orang tua kata, kalau anak hisap kaki tu, dia nak adik', 'orang tua kata, kalau anak laki sayang-sayang perut, baby tu baby perempuan - tak jeles katanya'.

then along comes a parent, not ready to have more babies...pegi tarik nya kaki baby tu...takut dapat baby lagi. gone one of a child's development because the parent is so stupid to not be able to think rationally. or, scenario 2, there lies an innocent baby, laughing and gurgling. unaware of his surrounding, the baby plunks his toes into his mouth. tersipu-sipu lah malu nya mak budak, sambil pegang-pegang perut padahal baru 2nd day period.

another phrase i'm so pantang about is 'pembawakan budak'. ok...will someone kindly explain this to me...what does that phrase mean. it seems everything under the sun is blamed on the 'budak' that one seems to 'bawak'. and what the heck did that 'budak' ever do to warrant this blame? a mother-to-be complains...i'm so tired all the time. the answer...oh pembawakan budak. a mother-to-be says...i cant look at my husband, i get angry all the time. the answer...oh pembawakan budak. a mother-to-be children are crying all the time. the answer...oh pembawakan budak. bloody hell...why get pregnant if you want to blame everything on the baby? the baby's not even born yet, and he's already carrying all these burden.

tired? no, its not the baby's fault...its the mother. angry? no, its not the baby's fault...its the mother. children crying? no, its not the baby's fault...its the mother. realise for yourself, why cant you? when you're pregnant, like it or not, you lose your energy faster, hence you are tired more often. dont blame the baby, blame yourself. when you are pregnant, your hormones run amok. when you get angry, dont blame the baby, blame yourself. when you are pregnant, you have less patience, less time, less energy to spend on those around you. dont blame the baby, blame yourself.

another thing i seriously cannot fathom is 'air penawar'. honestly...every tom, dick and harry seem to be dependent on this air for some reason. my son is kicking up a fuss at home, maybe i should give him some 'air penawar' so that he'll listen to me. my daughter is purposely driving me up the walls, maybe she should drink some 'air penawar' to cool down.

isnt that great?! who cares about parenting skills, when there's 'air penawar' around. who cares about taking the time to talk and listen to your children, when there's 'air penawar' available. child crying? just drop some 'air penawar' in his bottle of milk and wait for the result. shops like mph should just cease the parenting books and just sell 'air penawar' on their shelves.

come on...there are times we seek 'divine help' when we are at a lost, of course, there's no denying that. but there are people who dont even want to try and just...there's something 'wrongggg' (catch my drift) with my child and only 'air penawar' can help. oh try first why dont you? look at yourself first, why dont you? have you changed, have the environment around you changed, have situation around you changed? analyse those first, settle them first, then turn around and sought help.

for some people, anak menangis je, 'adalah benda tu' but tak sedar that you've been to busy and too tired to pay attention to your child and she wants just that, some attention from you. tapi malas nak pikir, terus assume...ada lah benda tu, kena minum air penawar baru ok ni.

my note to every breathing, living person out there...use that brain of yours. dont waste the 2 seconds God spent putting it into your body. pikir lah dulu before korang kelams tak tentu pasal. buat sakit telinga aku je kena tempias-tempias dengar...

on that note...'orang tua' ni nak cakap...have a great 'air penawar'-less weekend.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


high fever hit amir & asyraf during the weekend. we gave them paracetamol and phenergen. alhamdulillah amir recovered almost immediately. asyraf's fever still lingered. by monday, he was terrible. his teacher said his face was all red and warm. since i wasnt feeling too good, we decided to take him (and myself) to the nearby clinic.

the queue was long. there were about 20 people waiting to see the doctor and we had to wait almost 1 and a half hours. by that time asyraf's fever had shot up so much. soon as we walk into the doctor's clinic, he took asyraf's temperature and decided to give him voltaren. he then listed down all the medicine asyraf was to take for his fever, cough and flu and prescribed antibiotic. the doctor then checked me and said i needed to rest a couple of days, my fever hasnt gone up too high but i was to rest before it went up.

when we got home, we just slept. that's what happened for 2 days, asyraf and i just took our medicine and slept all day long. we slept together in the boys room as i didnt want the other boys to fall sick as well. over the past 3 days (including today) our temperature went up and down from high of 37c to 38c and 39c. and over the past 3 days, i had overdose of shrek trilogy. whenever i asked asyraf to watch something else, he'd reply with...biarlah.

asyraf and i dont get fever very often (flu and cough yes...but not fever) but when it came, it came with a bang. being at home for 3 days does have its rewards. i managed to clear off my laundry, which is something i love doing. fever or no fever, laundry must still be done, clothes must still be folded, boys bags must still be prepared, bottles must still be sterilised and floors must still be swept. fever or no fever, i still have cravings for a good old steak (where'd that come from?)

Monday, August 03, 2009

He's 5!!

akmal turns 5 months today. while some regards 6 months as being a milestone, for akmal its 5. at 5 months old, akmal starts eating. he's been eating nestum in school and at home for a few days. we thought that when he starts eating, he'll sleep through the night. its not been the case, he still gets up for that 2am feed. its so irritating cos it really cuts my sleep in half and for a 4-5oz feed, akmal...seriously its so not worth it!

in a couple of days, we'll stop sterilising akmal's bottles. we've got just a couple more tablets at home, then it'll be un-sterilised bottles for akmal. got to get the drainer and a new bottle brush first though.

akmal has stopped taking enfalac AR and is now drinking enfalac. we were scared to give him the plain enfalac because he spits out a lot of milk while drinking. alhamdulillah it hasnt been so bad after the change. the key is to give when he really, really wants milk (let him cry out first) and make the milk quite hot. the milk dribbling business has made his neck very raw. at times we can see it bleeds. but he's hasnt been fussy because of it, surprisingly.

akmal hated his baby carrier and would cry out all the time. we bought a new car seat for him, one which is higher. he loves it now...maybe because he can see his brothers.

akmal's so relaxed. he only started raising his head less then a month ago. that too with a pillow under his chest. he hasnt rolled over or shuffle or anything. lazy bum, this boy. i notice this is the case for babies who sleep on their back. asyraf started shuffle way early as his 2nd month. that led to him falling down the bed, so maybe taking it easy like akmal is not such a bad thing.

he's started to discover his hands and loves playing with them. he wants to grab things but he hasnt mastered that yet.

akmal is the apple of his brothers' eyes. while they scream and yell and scratch and kick each other, when they turn to akmal they tend to get all googly eyed and coo and kiss. because akmal was born in a pretty large family, he doesnt like silence. if he's left alone in a quiet room, he'll start fussing and call out for attention.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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