Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear Teachers

hubby and i get a lot of comments about how we manage out household with no maid. just because we have no maid, doesnt mean we dont sought external assistance. a big help for us (apart from tiza who we call on a short notice) are the teachers. we rely quite a lot on them. daily, they look after the boys for 12 hours. if we need to work late, the teachers are there. if we need to be away overnight, they are there. if we have errands to run on saturdays, they are there.

we try to maintain a good relationship with the teachers as they regularly update us on the boys' developments. one teacher that stands out for hubby and i, is cikgu ummu. she was asyraf's teacher for only 3 months but she brought asyraf out of his bubble and mold him into the chatty, bubbly boy he is now. asyraf, younger, was a quiet baby who only cried his days away. when he was with ummu he changed so much, became dependable, cheerful and stopped taking his bottle in school. the first time we noticed his change was during the school's concert when asyraf took command of the stage in his ladybird costume. he was an absolutely a joy to watch and he followed everything ummu did off stage.

asyraf's first teacher (or pembimbing awal kanak-kanak "p.a.k") was wonderful too. hubby and i regret not knowing her name. she was a small-sized girl and always looked wary of us. we constantly asked about asyraf when he was a baby. we wanted to know how he was, if his threw up, if he had diarrhea, how much he drank, what he ate. those were our daily questions. she probably thought we didnt trust her but it was because asyraf was constantly sick and we just wanted to monitor him. after a while, she probably realised it was for asyraf's benefit and would gladly supply us with details of what happened in school from the moment we dropped him off to the time we picked him up.

now asyraf has another good teacher, cikgu ida. he loves her madly. he would talk about her constantly at home. i know cikgu ida calls him 'acap' but asyraf denies it vehemently, as he knows i dont like people calling him that. very protective of his teacher, isnt he? his recent exam results showed how much influence cikgu ida has on asyraf.

amir has gone through a lot of teachers. his first teacher was disappointing. it was because of her carelessness that amir came away with a hugh bite mark on his cheek. then cikgu faizah became his teacher. he was very attached to her, would always give her a hug every morning and before he left the daycare. when he turned 3 years old, he had cikgu sally. cikgu sally is the teacher everyone was scared off (asyraf and ariff are terrified of her). cikgu sally is such a commanding figure, we can see her controlling the crowd of children during sports day and concert.

amir's current teacher is cikgu huda. amir had her for a while last year and now she's in charge of the pra-tadika class. i think she's doing a pretty good job. amir knows (at least) 6 doas, can count up to 100, know roughly how to pray and he's only 4 years old. hubby and i werent even in school when we were 4 years old.

i'm not sure who ariff's teacher is. i know he had different teachers for a while and i dont know if there's finally a permanent teacher for his age group. when he was younger ariff had kak yus as a carer. kak yus absolutely adored ariff (her bujang). because of kak yus ariff became, well...fat!! he ate so much under her care and hasnt lost the weight.

akmal's carer is kak ima. she's just wow. seriously she is. even i melt whenever i see her. she's just so sweet and motherly. she's so animated whenever she updates me on akmal's developments. i love that she takes in every thing i mention about akmal and practices them immediately. when i pick up akmal i would let the kak ima know what he likes, what he doesnt like, how he likes to be held, not to get her to do it but just to share how he's grown. i get very touched when, the day after, she tells me too does the same thing to akmal and he loves it. she's so sweet.

another teacher who is practically the teacher of all four boys, is cikgu atim. she's our main contact person when it comes to the boys. she has a thing for ariff who is so attached to her. there was a time when ariff refused everyone but her. ariff would want to be dropped off at the tadika every morning because atim is there and would scream when we walk towards the daycare.

we are grateful to all of them (and every teacher at the school - ummi, kak long, cikgu dina) for taking care of the boys. our lives would be unmanageable if not because of them.


Puan nOLie said...

em...yes...we are human...we need help too...tapi bukan lah fully berserah kat diorang kan kan kan kan heheheheh...sebab tuh we still can manage our kids kat rumah even takde maid pun...

Jaja said...

sis, 4 eai mmg bertuah coz dpt teacher yg baik2. kamu berdua juga bertuah coz teacher2 diorang sgt ikhlas dengan amanah yang diberikan =)

mummy aryan syamil said...

besnye dpt cikgu2 yg bek ati:)
ssh nk dpt cikgu cmne skrg ne...

butterflutter said...

That's true. My 3 children call their kind teachers aunty. My eldest was there since 3yo,now transit at the same place and he is currently 9yo. Kira dah jadi mak angkat, since my children are now 9,6 & 4yo the aunties are also my 'org tengah' for certain issues that I cant resolved at home.

The reason I can stay maidless and the reason I am not moving from my current hsing area :-)

eiseai said...

nolie...takde lah fully berserah but good enuf to know that they are they bila kita need help kan.

acik...alhamdulillah. ada story gak behind camne dpt kenal diorang ni, tapi panjang sgt le pulak crita dia :)

shiera...mmg tak senang. dulu pernah hantar amir kat skolah yg teruk sesangat. sedih gila bila ingat.

butterflutter...same with us, they are pretty much the main reason we can remain maidless. unfortunately they are not in my housing area and are a bit out of the way, but we are so happy with the boys developments that a bit of detour is something we can take everyday. i'm thinking of taking my eldest 2 out of their current school and start them in a kindy nearby but i'm reluctant because the teachers are great with my boys.

nzh1979 said...

arif kat nursery pon byk kali tukar teacher..
ada yg ok ada yg ko..huhu..nasib owner taska tu..keje satu building..senang nak complain...huhu
tapi noticed la..arif kalo teacher dia yg cantek molek..sure dia ske berkepit..ehehe..teruk arif nih..

ni yg rasa cam best je tukarkan arif skolah kat sana tu..sure happening kan??

emly2175 said...

wah! u are so lucky dear.. Not easy to find genuine teachers who love kids and love teaching to tell us the name of the school?

rafiqaheliza said...

I know u wld need external assistance..but without a live-in maid, I still salute you. And your 3 older boys..they look like triplets! hehehe..


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