Friday, June 12, 2009

Open Day 2009

my office had its 2nd open day today. last year none of my boys could join as they were below the minimum age limit. this year, they lowered it to 3 years, so both amir and asyraf participated.

the earlier part of the day was held in the office (the new office in sentral). i took the boys for a ride on the lrt. we could have stopped at sentral but i decided to go all the way to klcc instead. we met zu there and then took a bus to the sentral office.

then late morning, everyone went to klcc for a movie, lunch and a trip to the aquaria. hubby only joined after friday prayers (hence the big difference in photo quality).

it was a great day out. kudos to the committee. we (zu and i) like the part where they are so easily visible and are always in front of us. nice one. thanks zu for helping out. thanks andy for the skybridge plan that didnt materialise. the boys had fun and were tired out.


Cujie said...

wah amir & asyraf tgk shark eh
auntie tak tgk lagi...

best eh ikot mommy...

kombat said...

segannya sama amir & asyraf..
aquaria tak penah masuk.. skybridge apatah lagi.. huhuhu..

eza said...

kak kenapa saya tengok muka amir lain sikit yer...ker sebab dia dah big boy ha???

mommamia said...

wah!bestnya office ada open day,kids pun dpt join sama,ye lah muka amir dah lain,dah bigboy la-sally y tak buat kt sentral?kalau tak boleh la u tunjukkan kt the kids aircond hasil capacity designnya oleh auntie mar(tp u jgn ckp ada problem tak sejuk tau) hihi-i pun tak pernah gi aquaria lg,tgk mcm menarek la

b_kim said...

hehehe penat2 pun mmg worth kan..btw tak cukup korum ni.. mana pic model-mum tizu possing sama asyraf?? ehehehe pasni leh angkut suma + arsyad skali ;D


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