Saturday, May 09, 2009

Akmal Turns Two Months

time flies. a few entries ago i was talking about marinated meat, cereals and epidurals and now i'm back, joining the morning rush hour to get to work.

i've been back at work for 3 days. i took 2 days leave to monitor akmal, who turned the ripe ol age of 2 months yesterday. the last i weighed him (before he was admitted) the scale showed 4.8kg. not a big increase but not too bad, nonetheless. akmal seems to be quite long-ish. his fingers are thin and long, maybe he'll not take my genes and grow tall.

turning 2 months is quite a big milestone. at this point, a baby tends to be quite independent and more importantly, the gap between his meals increases. for akmal the latter is true but the former, not so much.

akmal cant sit alone. if we put him on his bouncer or on the mattress (while awake that is) he can only last 3 minutes before he starts showing discomfort and look for company and then bawl. he doesnt like to be alone, that's akmal. he's happier with noise his brothers make than silence. because of that, if i need to do my chores, it would have to be on full speed. everything needs to be done before he starts crying out for company. he doesnt necessarily want to be held, just a pat on his chest would do it for him.

akmal fidgets. its extremely irritating. if we hold him, he'll start moving his head left and right, up and down. when he feels the bottle teat for his meal, he would get so fidgety and move his mouth everywhere and i'd have to move the bottle to follow him. he cant sit still, this boy.

meal time. this is good news. akmal wakes up only once, at 2am. he sleeps at 10pm, wakes up at 2am for his meal and the next meal would be after 6am. he's been pretty on time. now he sleeps in his cot next to me. so night feed is not so difficult anymore as i can feed him while lying down. sometimes i fall asleep while feeding him...sorry adik.

akmal's been at the daycare for 3 days. his teacher says he sleep and then he drinks, then he sleeps then he drinks. easy boy, isnt he? why cant you be as easy when you're at home? the only drawback about the daycare is the lack of air-condition. the old daycare was cool all the time, this one isnt. akmal comes home with heat rash on his chest and cheeks. for someone who's quite thin akmal sweats a whole lot. when he sweats, he gets all red and raw.

other than that, he's ok. great in the car seat, great sleeping alone in his cot, loves his bathtime, loves watching his brothers play. now i'm just waiting for him to have his first meal and hopefully cut the night feeding. amir and ariff stopped night feeding very early on, i'm hoping the same for akmal.


saveme_zero said...

meh cium skit..hehehe..bestnya bau bb ni..

++eden|essey++ said...

akmal dah cihat dah yea....kejap jek dah 2 bln kan kak sally...

Ezrina - A wife & a mummy of two said...

Ek eh..dah besar dah Akmal ye... cepat betul masa berlalu kan Sally :)
I pulak rasa mcm lamanya nak menunggu my time hehe :D


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