Thursday, May 28, 2009


got tagged by the new kid on the block - miss dieya. first tag in malay.

tag ini ada 3 tasks:

  • nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini

  • setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award yg seterusnya

  • anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka
firstly...5 facts about the giver:
1. her shoes and bag must match! that's the first thing you notice about her. she can wear a simple colour-ed outfit and then *bang* her shoes and bag are bright orange that you'll see from level 37.

2. her mobile number is very close to my mom's. i gave someone my mom's number once, intending to give dieya's number.

3. i envy her because she's now doing something she likes and in a company that permits her to do something she loves. jealousssss...dekat rumah pulak tu!

4. we always have a girls' big lunch out after we get the monthly ker-ching! kalau kat klcc tu, either chili's or mdm kwan lah.

5. she's one of the zo-sar gang (i really shouldnt make this public, should i?) before going out for prayers, i would always shout out...nadiahhhhhh solatttttt!!

10 facts about me. after doing the 'how well do you know...' quiz on facebook, i thought senang if i just smack the answer here. that way i kill 2 birds with 1 stone, ie 10 facts & 10 answers. heh...
1. my favourite colour is blue. as obvious as the sun when you see me (89% of my baju-es are blue) and when you enter my house (every single item is blue).

2. i love monopoly. used to play with tssc all the time when we were younger. he'd win of course and then would tell us the secret of getting the most out of the other players. i've got 3 sets at home - star wars, disney characters and i cant for the life of me remember the third. i also bought the powerpuff girls version for my cousin and i would love to steal tiza's united version (since the newer ones dont have an ole gunnar solskjaer box).

3. i like posh spice. i didnt like her earlier cos she seemed 'dark' but once she cut her hair for the 'stop' video,!! when everyone was going gaga over rachel's hair, i had the posh spice hair (that was way back in 1997).

4. my favourite subject in school was maths. why? because it was straight to the point. 1+1=2, there's no 2 ways about it. if everything else fail (which most of the time, they did) i could always count on an A from my dear old maths.

5. when i was younger i wanted 5 children. no...definately not 11 (that was never a dream, it was just a tagline). initially i wanted 3. then tiza said...5 is a nice number so i said, yeah...5's good. of course, tiza being tiza, would always one-up me and said, i want 7 then! sibuk!

6. my favourite disney character is ariel the mermaid. i love her voice and her hair. i would sing 'part of the world' complete with facial expressions and hand gestures to my boys till they push me away. i have like 4 ariel mugs at home and at work. when i graduated, my sisters gave me a huge ariel card and said...only today you can pretend to be ariel. gotta find the movie on youtube.

7. if i wasnt living in BJ, i would love to live in england (oh dear god...that's so obvious!!) kent would be nice, countryside.

8. my favourite ice cream is haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake. its the ultimate yumness. i used to buy the pint-size during winter walking down canterbury high street...freezing my face off. yes tiza...chocolate chip was when i was younger (and you would get cookies and cream) and then comes coffee. note to hubby - vanilla is not a favourite but is a choice made when all else fail.

9. my favourite group is boyz II men. i used to have singing and merosakkan lagu sessions with tiza in the car. note - i like all 5 groups i listed but boyz II men wins out of the 5.

10. when i was younger i wanted to be an architect. i used to keep a few notebooks (not the IT the writing books) to draw my dreamhouses.

so there's the answers to my quiz. who takes the quiz now can get 100% lah...

10 bloggers to pass the tag to (actually this is so that the quiz takers to see my answers):
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4. syerah di manjung
5. cik bulan dari ampang
6. ida di jepun
7. phira yg tengah pantang
8. ain...tak yah lah, dia dah tak update blog dia
9. yang sorang tu yang kat london tu (nameless...nameless :))
10. diyana kat hcmc ada blog ke?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fairy Tales Do Come True

once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away (roughly about 5km from the shah alam exit) there lived a very active boy. the boy doesnt speak much, he prefers to let his feet do the talking. he is an extremely hyper child...running here and there, jumping here and there, kicking this and that. he was constantly on the move and was always flying off. his parents envisioned him as a footballer when he grows up (his father added that the boy will become an underwear model).

one day, the boy's father took him and his older brother to watch a game of football (trying to instill the love at an early age). the boy, being...well...the boy, saw this an an opportunity to run and jump and kick some balls and enter into the pitch while the game was being played. heaven to him, we bet!

then out of nowhere a man came over, asking about the boy, asking how old he was. the man claimed that they boy could go far, if trained well and from an early age. the boy's parents were surprised...does this mean their dream could true? it would take a lot of effort. the pasta diet needs to be maintained, no nasi lemak will be given, football kits needs to be bought and training needs to be done every weekend.

who is the boy? he is engku asyraf izzuddin, the first malaysian to play regularly with a top flight english premier league team, amin...

Training Session II

2nd day of training was jogging. the boys jogged quite far...i'm impressed!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


amir and asyraf will be having their mid-year exams next week, so we took them out for pre-exam lunch. went to the pizza outlet in front of our house. the place is pretty good, we're quite impressed. after 4 years of living here, with no shops & restaurants in sight, its great that we are finally able to get good food without going far.

all the best, boys. dont worry...hubby and i are not about to become one of those parents who are only out for As from their children. we're pretty relaxed about studies, provided (as hubby says) we dont mix around too much with parents who are only interested in comparing exam results. of course we would love for them to come back with As and Bs, but we're ok with Cs and Ds. even the occasional Fs (heck...we got them too when we were in school). we've got plans for the boys outside school curriculum. i'd probably slap them silly if they decide to take more than 9 subjects. like asyraf would say, tak yahhhhhhh.

speaking of school, i got some photos from yam (kak yam the boys call her, asyraf calls her ayammm) whose family runs the daycare we send the boys to. i also got some photos from their teacher, cikgu fatim (who spoils my ariff rotten).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid Week

after 2 nights of having difficulties in breathing, we took akmal to the hospital. it was time for his follow up check up anyway. tuesday night was the worst when he was clearly suffering when drinking. his nose was totally blocked and with the bottle in his mouth, breathing was even more difficult. his temperature had also shot up to 38c.

akmal's pead asked if we wanted to admit him. honestly, i would feel better if he was. but then we decided to take him for a nasal suction and then back to the doctor to see if it helped. it did. after the suction akmal slept, he slept for 4 hours.

on the way back, we decided to watch a movie. its been a long time since we went to the cinema. so i texted the teacher, telling her we're about to send akmal and wanted her to get amir & asyraf ready. we decided to bring the 2 boys for a (half) day out.

there was nothing good showing. i thought monsters vs aliens was already out. so we chose xmen instead. it was biggie. amir liked it. asyraf, being asyraf, could not sit still after the popcorn ran out. after half an hour of him walking around, i decided to bring him out for a walk. we went too FOS, mum's care, parkson before going to the cinema, only to find the movie has ended.

met hubby and amir outside and took the boys for dinner at chili's. asyraf finished a whole child pizza, surprisingly.

that night amir's temperature shot up. we woke up in the middle of the night to gave him voltaren. since i was on medical leave, we thought it would be best for amir to stay home. his fever went up and down. at one point it hit 40c and then went back down to 37c

today we're both at home. amir's recovering from his fever while i'm recovering from a really bad cough and cold. hopefully it'll go away soon.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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