Monday, April 20, 2009

Sports Day 2009

this is the first school event for the year. there's a couple more in june and towards the end of the year. we were excited this year because of asyraf. we already know amir's personality and capabilities but we're always left wondering with asyraf. he doesnt share much except for his tears. but we know he's fast. asyraf runs...he literally runs like the wind. hubby and i are amazed at his ability to just zoom off, bending and twisting his body to avoid running into anything in his way. because of that, we were excited for asyraf's first sports day.

he did not dissapoint us. not one bit. he was calm and collected among the sea of screaming children. he was fine walking under the hot sun, holding on to his green pompoms, wearing his tweety mask (it was supposed to be wonderpet theme but i couldnt find any wonderpet mask).

when it was time for him to perform his 2 tasks - collecting sweets & collecting plastic fruits - he was all ready. asyraf flew...he flew so fast he missed his baskets a few times. kak ida had to call him back, laughing because he over-shot his run. asyraf went away with a gold and silver trophy for his second and first game, respectively.

amir, as usual, is more of a talker. he talked about his sports day preparations for over a week. we knew what he was going to do. come the day, he was so engrossed looking at his friends, laughing with them that he finished last in his first event. he performed better with his team though, they got first prize for walking with a bean bag on their head.

ariff was upset. he was upset because he couldnt take part. i think he felt that they go to school together so they should participate together. okay...the 'brotherhood' in his name is showing. he kept wanting to cross the line into the tracks. next year lah mok.

akmal was wonderful. since he's having flu, i gave him his flu meds before we left the house. he slept in the car, he slept during the event, he slept on the way back and continued to sleep an hour after we got home.

the boys (and their parents) came back hot, sweating, thirsty and a shade darker. but we had fun and look forward to the next school event.


Liasari said...

oh wow bestnya sports day amir & asyraf & so much fun. all the parents mesti seronok terjerit2 kat anak masing2... heheh
well done asyraf!

Jaja said...

asyraf, baru heroooooooooo :-D

mokmok arif, next year take part ye..muka sedey giler tak dpt join..huhu

amir, tetap maintain cute!

gEe said...

sis asyraf nampak sgt dh besa..pd gee cm jauh beza dgn ayyaz..msh byk songel lg..
for u moks..hrp besabau yeee...thn dpn kamu leh join d grp..leh mengarok sakan!!..nnt akmal lak merengek nk join..hehehhee..

mommamia said...

ahaha!i suka betul the part mok asik cross the line sibuk nak participate,tu dlm pic pun muka mcm sentp je tak dpt nak join abg2 sukan,next year la arif syg-i rasa mcm baru jer baca entry psl last year punya sport event,masa tu ada pic mok dlm stroller,now nih akmal lak,agak2 sally, thn dpn ada lg tak family member baru dok dlm stroller tgk abg2 sukan?hehe,tp sure lega kan akmal tido all the way,so u blh concentrate tgk amir n asyraf bersukan.

congrats amir & asyraf,asyraf nmpk dh besar lah!

saveme_zero said...

sonoknya tgk anak2 bersukan. lawak pun ada..hahahaha. kak...ariff nmpk tgi la..sure besor dr abg2 dia ni.

b_kim said...

sis...aii nak sambung sebakk kat sini plak...aciii aaa...hahahaha..later sambung komen :D

Nina Rizwina said...

seronoknye tgk budak2 ada aktiviti sukan mcm ni..kelakar2..hmm..ayuni nye taska ntah bile la nk wat mcm dh "down" jer..tmbh plak ayuni selalu kene demam..

nae said...

Haha..kelakar pulak tengok muka tak puas hati si arif tak dapat take part.
Well done amir & asyraf the wonderboys

Mrs.Nury said...

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shi3la said...

salam kenal kak..nice blogg..

zie said...

nampak sangat ariff so berminat tgk sukan abag2..tak lama lagi sure leh join in kan, sabau yerk moks..hehe..well done asyraf, first ever sports..die kuat lari ikut sapa ek ina..tak ingat lak i u sports person primary dulu..hehehe..


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