Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I Want

i always come up with all kinds of wishlists but i never seem to get any of the things listed. the last wishlist i made was back in august last year. we got our mpv and some of the things i planned for the house were achieved. but i'm still short of time to cook for the family and i have yet to go on this 'balik kampung' trip that i've been planning since 1997.

being in the house the whole day (its been 5 weeks now - i was on leave 2 weeks before akmal arrived) makes me look at every single corner of the house, thinking what needs to be done, what needs to be upgraded, what needs to be removed.

so the first thing i want is - a home makeover! there's just so many things to do. first of all, we need to repair the repair-able. that's the bathroom connected to tiza's bedroom. with that, we can start doing up tiza's bedroom -soon will no longer be tiza's bedroom but ariff & akmal's bedroom. i want to do up both the bedrooms at the same time. paint the walls, put up stickers, put up nice lights, maybe change the blinds. not so major but a nice change.

then there's the balcony, the unused balcony. i want to close that up. that would make our tv area bigger. maybe we can put up shelves there for the boys books or put up a linen closet. nothing much can be done for the upstairs as we have been utilising most of the spaces.

but downstairs...geez...there's so much we can do. plaster ceiling, hack the back bathroom and turn it into my laundry area, hack the back bedroom and extend the dining, maybe change it to a tv area and move the dining into the boys' current playroom, cover up the courtyard and turn it into a deck. so many little ker-ching.

secondly i would love a smaller car. now that we've got the mpv, i would like a smaller, second car for me to take when i do the grocery shopping, for hubby to use when he goes for his teh tarik sessions, so me to use on my days off. maybe i should talk to tssc again. or...maybe we can have a look at the new city, that looks nice.

clothes. one can never get enough of clothes. clothes for me, clothes for the boys. for the first time, i think hubby has more clothes than me. nah...i dont think that's true, actually. my 9ft closet is filled with clothes (note - the 9ft is all mine, hubby's is the other 3ft) but not all of the clothes are wearable. i need to visit the shops to add on to my working shirts & working pants collection. shoes...not much of a fan. i like a pair of shoes and i'll wear them till they falls off. maybe weekend shoes since mine was stolen (hate them!). clothes for the boys. i'm into pajamas at the moment. i love pajama shorts but hubby's not too keen on them. i bought amir and asyraf a nice set of pajama shorts and hubby made them wear during the day. he said its too nice to wear to sleep. mothercare's got a lot of nice pajamas...

holiday. yes...the 'balik kampung' trip that hasnt materialise. will this year be the year. i cant say
this enough...i want, i want, i want!!

err...that's it really. wow...not bad. only 4 things on my wishlist - 4 extremely expensive things that i doubt will materialise in the short term, but least its not long and ridiculous.

oh...there's one more thing on my list. something i've wanted ever since i was a young girl of 19. i saw tssc wearing one and i thought...if this can make tssc look good, then i want this! what is it...a burberry trench coat...sigh!!


tiza said...

my rroooommmmm!!!!!!!!

tiza said...

eh, dont lah buy city...
get saga or persona or gen2 lah...hence proton...
what lah...never support also...

Alia Natasha said...

why not buy Jazz ? thats cute too... i know the feeling of driving a lorry... my mode of transport since 2006 - Estima...

and yes, you should balik kampung !!! since 1997 ? at least i did once in 2004 and guess what ? I am baliking again this September !!! yeahhhh !!! we figured out lets do it now while Mirza is still 10% for ticket !!

so, since you have all the time now, set a proposal lah for hubby... i did that, with budgeting lagi ;p

eiseai said...

tiza...we see how it goes. depends on $$ available.

alia...the reason we have only 1 car and reason i've only been dreaming of 'balik kampung' is cos we have no money!! if we had, it wouldnt be in my wishlist.

alia natasha said...

yes, understandable...anyway, why create additional monthly expenditure with another car kan ? another year to go to pay the Waja and i think i can bernafas better then.... cost a bomb to balik kampung...tu lah, i kena set aside everymonth for balik kampung trip....and took me 5 long years *sigh* never mind, you would go back soon, i know...then we can see all the fun pictures here !!!


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