Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Weekend

we rested, we relaxed and we stayed home. what else is new. ever since we became a family of 5, we hardly ever went out. now that there's 6 of us, the chances of anyone bumping into the whole eiseai team outside on a weekend is slimmer than akmal's thigh.

breakfast on saturday was simple. the boys had corn flakes and fried meehoon hubby grabbed at 7-11 and we had toast with curry imported from kota damansara. hubby rested for a bit after breakfast while i bathed akmal. then he surprised me by summoning a bit of energy and taking the elder 2eai for a hair cut. i've been bugging him to shave asyraf's hair.

asyraf inherited hubby's very thick hair and i cant sit still if its not cut every month. this time hubby just trimmed the side, back and top and its looks quite nice. amir and ariff has got my thin hair and they just need to visit the barber once every 6 months. amir's hair has been growing out of sorts a bit so hubby decided to cut his as well. amir wasnt too pleased because he's in the 'rambut pacak' phase. he keeps bugging me to 'letak minyak, buat rambut pacak' everytime after taking a bath. good thing akmal slept the whole time they went out, so i spent some time with my gomok ariff.

when they got home, we gave them a bath then brought them up to their room, gave them a bottle of milk and forced them to sleep. it didnt require much coercion since its a hot day and they were all knackered.

i managed to do 2 loads of laundry - the boys' clothes and our towels. by mid afternoon the boys' clothes have all been folded and kept (sure mar menyampah je baca line ni...hehehe)

the boys and i participated in the earth hour on saturday (only the boys and i, hubby couldnt care less about things like these - cr sangat konon). we didnt switch off all our lights, we left the boys room lit, for safety. amir had fun watching the tv in the dark. quite a few of my neighbours participated. some were in total darkness, some lit candles, some held torchlight. there were also families that took the opportunity to go for a family walk around the neighbourhood. it was nice to see a lot of people taking part in this good cause.

sunday breakfast was french toast - amir calls it roti bread. i wanted to rest after breakfast but hubby suggested we visit giant to give the boys some exercise. wow...a rare public appearance from the 6 of us.

we first took the boys to the play area. not a good idea. as we were about to enter giant (i needed to stock up a few things) they were not in a good mood. akmal who was happily sleeping when his abangs played, now wanted his meal. so we abandoned the still-empty trolley and went different ways. i took akmal to feed him (terrible place, there was no chairs anywhere) while hubby took the boys to another play area.

we were not in the mood anymore after that. we bought some food for the boys' lunch and went home. while the boys munched, i made rice with seriously simple lauk for lunch. now my freezer's empty and i cant think of what to eat this week.

akmal contradicting...sleeping on "my little prince pillow" showing off messages like "boys are trouble" and "100% mischief"...


alia natasha said...

wait...arent you like dalam pantang lagi ? can go jalan jalan ? so the terror... (actually, i lied to my mom, said when to Dr, but actually went for Safety First warehouse sale 7 yrs go masa pantang kan sarah - but i went with my socks and hair tied up !)

secondly, Nina, i remembered your hair like the tebal and lebat one ! and now its thin hair ??

rafiqaheliza said...

Hey you! many stories to catch up including your latest addition. My God! 4 boys..4 bodyguards! Looking at your pic makes me inspired and feels special kalau ada all boys around me. Kalau ada contest for supermom, I'll definitely vote for you sebab you mmg super-duper mommylah..:) Congrats ye!

mommamia said...

argghhh!baju sudah berlipat dan tersusun cantik dlm wardrobe ya,and the one yg ckp ni ialah ibu kpd 4 very young boys,tidaaaaak!

i tak menyampah tp merasa tersgt malu,at the same time jealous dan irihati yg hamat,bila 3 bakul i nak lenyap ni huhu

sally,i shocked baca amir ckp 'nak rambut pacak',bcoz irina used the same word to her brother too,sibuk buat rambut pacak utk adik dia

giant mana tu?mcm bukan kt sec13 shah alam jer-u kena buat mcm my sis,dia shopping groceries blk dr ofis(kes cabut awal)anak2 still kt daycare lg,so dia dpt shoping ng aman,tp mmg acara shopping yg pantas dan tangkas la

nzh1979 said...

alala..beshnye akmal tido :D
giant shah alam ni kan?
kalo ye..giant tu mmg takde langsong tempat nakdudok even kat area kids playground....nak beli brg kena ada mood kan..kalo tension sbb arif bad mood...mang terus je ajak jas balik.. esok2 la pegi lagi..huhu

eiseai said...

alia...yes, i am still in pantang. i'm pantang-ing all by myself at home, so i'm not answerable to anyone. as long as hubby says, jalan...then, its jalan. hair was never tebal and lebat. its always been thin with a bald patch.

rafiqah...i missed you!

mar...hahahha...u kerja lah mar. nanti i balik kerja, sure tunggang langgang jugak my laundry. irina pun sedang ber-rambut pacak ye? ni sure kes kat skolah cikgu dia buat kat classmates dia kan? ni giant kota damansara. cantik skit lah, not as messy at sek13 tu. bukan kat sek13, ni kat kota damansara. tu lah, kalau gi shopping mmg kena time diorg tgh aman damai. if not, baik order mcd je...hehehe


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