Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i've been given the week off because my ankles are swollen to the max. i'm putting my feet up and not doing much work. ok...that's not exactly the truth. i did 3 loads of laundry yesterday, folded them, kept them in the cupboard and went to the store nearby to get the baby's final things. but, i promise...i'll put my feet up (although i do feel like cooking).

tiza gave me a couple of parkson vouchers on monday, so we got a few pairs of clothes for the baby. its not fair that he gets just hand-me-downs, he needs some new clothes as well. we bought some onesies at FOS late last year. they've got some nice new range. the anakku range is the same as when i was pregnant with amir and asyraf, so we didnt have much choice.

as of yesterday, i've ticked off everything in my "to buy" list for baby eai#4. there's one thing pending but i can get that later. i spent the last couple of days settling the changing table and the toileteries, towels and new clothes - all washed, bottles - all ready in the container to be sterilised, diapers, formula and my hospital bag.

externally, i'm huge! amir would always say 'ya allah tuhanku...besarnya perut mummy'. hubby says this is the biggest of all 4...not that that's a good thing. my left thigh is a major pain. its difficult to get up and turn and walk and climb up the stairs. maybe its because i place most of my weight on my left leg when on the lrt or the komuter (ie, i hardly ever get to sit down).

internally, the baby's growing well. on track although a bit off chart with his weight gain. i'm surprised because i do not take dinner. my own weight hasnt moved since my end-week30 check up but the baby's been gaining roughly about 200gms each week. he went up from 1.6kg during my week 30 check up to 2.5kg this week (week 35). he's now filled all the spaces in my tummy - he's in the fetal position now.

my gynae's happy with his developments and she said, mathematically, i can give birth in my 36th week (as amir was born in the 39th week, asyraf in the 38th week and ariff in the 37th week). my next check up is next saturday (unless i see you before that, my gynae stated - trying to scare me). before we left her clinic, she gave me the green letter - admission form.

week 30 scans

week 35 scan

i do hope the baby comes out after that check up. i would like to have the sunday to do my last bit of preparation and hubby and i prefer to welcome the baby on monday. plus amir & asyraf will be having their tests next week, i wouldnt want the hecticness of giving birth to cloud their concentration.


nae said...

All the best!

mommamia said...

i mmg benci org yg tak offer seat to pregnant lady dlm public transportation,mmg dasar buta mata buta hati,hati kering sumer lah-nasib doc bg u cuti,takyah u hadap hazab kt dlm komuter,sarat dah skang ni,i boleh imagine-hmm..39weeks,38weeks,37weeks..i pun rasa eai#4 kuar 36weeks,pray for your safety sally,and the baby too,semoga selamat melahirkan,aminn..tak sabar nak tgk eai#4,mesti comelll

Liza said...

good luck, may this be a smooth delivery

Liasari said...

mothers! always put their children above all.
dah nak hujung2 ni lagi byk nak fikir & organise kan? apapun, put up ur feet, pamper urself kejap, esok bb dah keluar lg hectic. but u hv a strong support from hubby & sisters. pray 4 ur safe delivery & bundles of joy!

Mary J said...

hahaha.. comel nyer amir bila dia ckp perut u besar.. cute giler!

I pray that it will be a smooth and easy delivery for u :)

eiseai said...

nae / liza...thanks for the wishes.

mar...mmg tak dpt seat langsung! kengkadang org tiba2 tutup mata tapi kelakarnya time sampai stop dia boleh plak tersedar. or sometimes they get so fascinated with the phones macam duit nak kluar. but i can the reflection of ur phone screen lah...hello!! sometimes they also become sooooo nice and offer u a seat, just when they are about to kluar the train. pandai kan. takpe lah...after 4 pregnancies of taking the public transportation, i've seen a lot and i tak kisah dah. but it does hurt...uhukkk. i nak gi jenjalan kat the curve, mana tau dpt ur delivery incident. boleh i dpt baju free kat brands outlet hehehe...

lia...what to do, my work is never done. ada je nak kena buat. ni pun i'm planning my daily laundry till i give birth. i dont want to leave the house with basketful of dirty clothes cos balik from the hospital nanti there'll be more.

mary j...amir uses that line everytime i'm about to scream at him. pandai kan...argh!! thanks for ur prayers. balik ke march ni?

andy21 said...

i pulak risau coz i also need to take my part...
need to check with DSH bout the thing that may make u angry.. aiyo.... sabar ye puan Nina... nanti saye check kan....

eh, asyraf mane? hehehehe...

satu lagi, "bende" yang diinginkan akan diantar bterus ke kamar mu di DSH nanti.. cayalahh..

eiseai said...

andy...i rasa2 i kena prepare mcm hari tu gak lah. sbb hari tu ada gi dsh dia ckp, mmg procedure gitu skarang ni. takpe...nanti i kasik form kat u eh?

brg i hantar direct eh? hehehe...kluar2 je eai#4 terus i sms uncle andy diorang :)

jane said...

sangat kagum n teruja n kak sally i wish i can be as organized n rajin as u..huuhu..bila tgk akaknya preparation terasa byk nya barang2 pending i punya pregnancies pon dah msk 36wks lps nie kena sentiasa msk sini looking for tips..:)


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