Sunday, February 15, 2009

Next Week

i've got my week 35 check up. hubby also has his follow up with the neurologist and amir's got his 4-year-old mmr jab. with 3 doctors to see, its better i take the whole day off than time off. who knows long how we'll be at each clinic.

after the trip to the hospital, i plan to lepak at 1utama. i need to get a hair cut and i've got to get arsyad a gift. i also promised amir an ice cream treat - only because i've got a craving for coffee ice cream. then i'm going to get a couple of clothing items for the baby (if i get that parkson voucher in time...hint to tiza). then a trip to cold storage...maybe, maybe not.

i'm really very tired and have been having contractions for the past couple of weeks. sometimes not so strong, sometimes quite unbearable. i'm hoping to get the whole week off. if i do i've got a few things to settle:
  • i have my appraisal with the boss. i plan to come in to the office tuesday afternoon, maybe meet shcm as well;
  • i need to get a sofa for the tv area upstairs. right now we're sitting on a mattress on the floor. but its been an agony for me to get up from that position, so a sofa is the answer. plus amir wants to sleep on his own mattress, so we've brought the mattress into his room;
  • i'm scouting for new curtains for my room and the tv area. we get the morning sun and it can be extremely hot. thicker curtains would be good, just in time for the baby's arrival;
  • last on my list is the laundry for eai#4.

i need to rest a lot. the constant contractions is taking its toll on me.


tiza said...

ye...nak bg lah ni but I do hv a life, u know...not!

td nak bg but I finished after 6 so tak sempat nakgi...
2moro lah...what time u go there?
maybe I can conveniently drop by during ur ice-cream session...hahaha...

Amir likes 2 share his ice-cream with me anyway... ;-)

mommamia said...

hah?35weeks dah?goshh cptnya..tak lama lg jer tu,hah sempat lg last round laundry utk eai#4, i haritu tak smpt basuh baju recycle kakak i bg utk izmeer,lps pntng baru i basuh,teruk i nih-jln2 ou?jgn pergi j jusco dia tau,takut jadi mcm tragedi j jusco bkt tinggi hihi ;p


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