Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Week

i went to work on monday. i had a few things to clear up and had my year end appraisal to finalise. the journey was not the best, i was extremely tired from the walk but i managed to get a lot of things done. on the way back i felt like fainting. when i reached home, the soles of my feet were bright red. not sure if its from walking too much or due to blood. whatever the reason is, i'm just too tired so i took the rest of the week off.

on sunday night ariff looked quite bad. i thought i saw spots on his tongue, my first thought was hfmd. we quickly checked his palm and soles and i texted nolie to see what else should i be aware of. when we picked the boys up on monday, their teacher said the spots are more obvious and he's got a dot on his palm. good thing i was already on leave, i decided to monitor ariff at home.

on tuesday, i think i was more low key than ariff. he was up and about, running here, climbing there, pushing this, pulling that. he was drinking fine (managed to fnish 3 bottles of milk) and he was happily going 'nak...nak' after every spoon of macaroni soup. i made baked pasta over the weekend and had leftover minced meat and macaroni, so i decided to make macaroni soup for the sick boy (who turned out to be fine, after all). alhamdulillah, for now its not hfmd.

my anak manja...

while ariff slept (30 minutes max!), i folded and put aside my working maternity clothes. i also cleaned the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. i planned to clean my wardrobe as well but i got the sniffles after attacking the first wardrobe, so i thought i should take it easy. maybe tomorrow.

today i went for a walk in 1utama. a walk is never just a walk in 1utama. got myself a storage box for the maternity clothes, i kept all the working plus some casual maternity clothes. i dont plan to go anywhere until i give birth so i dont need to have a lot on standby. i bought a couple of towels each for amir and ariff, as well as a set of 3 pajama bottoms for asyraf and ariff. the boys like to wear tshirt aand pajama bottoms now. maybe because its warmer in their room.

as for me, i'm a bit tired of the "come and go" contractions. when it comes, it can get quite unbearable but then it goes away and i feel like calling it back (so that i'll go into labour faster). the baby's movements also come and go. things are pretty much ready. i do laundry on a daily basis even though its been raining heavily. i've also been eating everything i want to eat - steak, ice cream, brownies, coffee (i've got bad cravings for coffee now). i'm waiting anxiously for saturday to see my gynae. i wonder if she'll have good news for me. hubby and i are praying for the baby to come out on monday, i hope my gynae can at least say its a high possibility...amin.

and its only wednesday...gasp!!

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nae said...

eh...dah banyak rupanya gigi ariff :)


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