Friday, February 27, 2009

Junior Blogs

i updated the boys' blogs with their developments and some photos...

amir -

asyraf -

ariff -

i dont know how long i can keep up doing this though...soon there'll be another one to update. erk...


aisha said...

hehehe..yeay...dah update!!kuar no 4 mesti akak terabur jadik nyer.. kena update suma kak.. baru fair and square.

mommamia said...

housechores,laundry,memasak,anak2,husband,career,own blog and 3 junior blogs(yg sikit masa lg akan bertambah jadi 4),how u do it sally,how?how?u must teach me on this,or publish satu buku 'time management for dummies/mommies'i 1st customer beli huhu

eiseai said...

aisha...penat gak nak ingat2 balik developments diorg. tu lah, sbb tak slalu update kan. amir buat, ingat asyraf buat. asyraf buat ingat ariff buat...ish

mar...hahaha...i mana de buat housechores and memasak. anak2 plak is under the care of my hubby. so that just leave laundry, and the 4 blogs. sure got time one...hehehe. career? erk...what career hahaha. plus, skarang kan i goyang kaki di rumah :)

Mary J said...

Ingat kan dah meletop? I will pray that eiseai#4 will come out on Monday :)

Take care salina! Insya Allah it will be a smooth journey for u

zie said...

mesti time u update ni u tgh hv lots of time at bagus gak writing a blog for them ni, its like you jotting down all of their dev.they thanked you one day..;)its all worth! dont forget to buzz me kalu u dah selamat bersalin :)


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