Saturday, February 28, 2009


as mike wazowski said "dont let them touch you, dont let them touch you"
a reminder for me...
remember what happened when you were pregnant with asyraf.
remember how they got to you and no one would protect you.
remember how asyraf turned out.
remember all those moments when you had only yourself to talk to because no one was on your side.
remember and dont let it happen again.
dont let them get to you.
if no one protects you, protect yourself and go with what you've planned.
only 4 more weeks to go...think happy thoughts.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Junior Blogs

i updated the boys' blogs with their developments and some photos...

amir -

asyraf -

ariff -

i dont know how long i can keep up doing this though...soon there'll be another one to update. erk...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Week

i went to work on monday. i had a few things to clear up and had my year end appraisal to finalise. the journey was not the best, i was extremely tired from the walk but i managed to get a lot of things done. on the way back i felt like fainting. when i reached home, the soles of my feet were bright red. not sure if its from walking too much or due to blood. whatever the reason is, i'm just too tired so i took the rest of the week off.

on sunday night ariff looked quite bad. i thought i saw spots on his tongue, my first thought was hfmd. we quickly checked his palm and soles and i texted nolie to see what else should i be aware of. when we picked the boys up on monday, their teacher said the spots are more obvious and he's got a dot on his palm. good thing i was already on leave, i decided to monitor ariff at home.

on tuesday, i think i was more low key than ariff. he was up and about, running here, climbing there, pushing this, pulling that. he was drinking fine (managed to fnish 3 bottles of milk) and he was happily going 'nak...nak' after every spoon of macaroni soup. i made baked pasta over the weekend and had leftover minced meat and macaroni, so i decided to make macaroni soup for the sick boy (who turned out to be fine, after all). alhamdulillah, for now its not hfmd.

my anak manja...

while ariff slept (30 minutes max!), i folded and put aside my working maternity clothes. i also cleaned the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. i planned to clean my wardrobe as well but i got the sniffles after attacking the first wardrobe, so i thought i should take it easy. maybe tomorrow.

today i went for a walk in 1utama. a walk is never just a walk in 1utama. got myself a storage box for the maternity clothes, i kept all the working plus some casual maternity clothes. i dont plan to go anywhere until i give birth so i dont need to have a lot on standby. i bought a couple of towels each for amir and ariff, as well as a set of 3 pajama bottoms for asyraf and ariff. the boys like to wear tshirt aand pajama bottoms now. maybe because its warmer in their room.

as for me, i'm a bit tired of the "come and go" contractions. when it comes, it can get quite unbearable but then it goes away and i feel like calling it back (so that i'll go into labour faster). the baby's movements also come and go. things are pretty much ready. i do laundry on a daily basis even though its been raining heavily. i've also been eating everything i want to eat - steak, ice cream, brownies, coffee (i've got bad cravings for coffee now). i'm waiting anxiously for saturday to see my gynae. i wonder if she'll have good news for me. hubby and i are praying for the baby to come out on monday, i hope my gynae can at least say its a high possibility...amin.

and its only wednesday...gasp!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fifth Year

hubby & i are celebrating our fifth year of marriage today. its been a wonderful journey - we learnt, we laughed, we cried, we made memories, we had stressful periods (dealing with external nuisance!) and most of all, we welcomed 3 beautiful boys who fill our lives with sunshine and screams (4th boy making his debut very soon).

here's to more wonderful moments...






we want eai#4 to see the world on the 20th (to complete our 20-8-20-8) but we dont think its possible...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture Tag

another one...this time from erin

Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder. Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

easy peasy...

this is an extremely old picture. seriously 32 years ago.
this girl looks like ariff. even if people say she doesnt, i say she does!!
no lah...she honestly does. just look at those eyes...

lets see who should i tag. who loves photos, or whose photo i love...bulan ka, syerah ka, inda ka, apis ka, ila ka, dot ka, ana kombat ka, ida yg kat jepun ka. ni semua orang yg ada camera powderful...


i've been given the week off because my ankles are swollen to the max. i'm putting my feet up and not doing much work. ok...that's not exactly the truth. i did 3 loads of laundry yesterday, folded them, kept them in the cupboard and went to the store nearby to get the baby's final things. but, i promise...i'll put my feet up (although i do feel like cooking).

tiza gave me a couple of parkson vouchers on monday, so we got a few pairs of clothes for the baby. its not fair that he gets just hand-me-downs, he needs some new clothes as well. we bought some onesies at FOS late last year. they've got some nice new range. the anakku range is the same as when i was pregnant with amir and asyraf, so we didnt have much choice.

as of yesterday, i've ticked off everything in my "to buy" list for baby eai#4. there's one thing pending but i can get that later. i spent the last couple of days settling the changing table and the toileteries, towels and new clothes - all washed, bottles - all ready in the container to be sterilised, diapers, formula and my hospital bag.

externally, i'm huge! amir would always say 'ya allah tuhanku...besarnya perut mummy'. hubby says this is the biggest of all 4...not that that's a good thing. my left thigh is a major pain. its difficult to get up and turn and walk and climb up the stairs. maybe its because i place most of my weight on my left leg when on the lrt or the komuter (ie, i hardly ever get to sit down).

internally, the baby's growing well. on track although a bit off chart with his weight gain. i'm surprised because i do not take dinner. my own weight hasnt moved since my end-week30 check up but the baby's been gaining roughly about 200gms each week. he went up from 1.6kg during my week 30 check up to 2.5kg this week (week 35). he's now filled all the spaces in my tummy - he's in the fetal position now.

my gynae's happy with his developments and she said, mathematically, i can give birth in my 36th week (as amir was born in the 39th week, asyraf in the 38th week and ariff in the 37th week). my next check up is next saturday (unless i see you before that, my gynae stated - trying to scare me). before we left her clinic, she gave me the green letter - admission form.

week 30 scans

week 35 scan

i do hope the baby comes out after that check up. i would like to have the sunday to do my last bit of preparation and hubby and i prefer to welcome the baby on monday. plus amir & asyraf will be having their tests next week, i wouldnt want the hecticness of giving birth to cloud their concentration.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Next Week

i've got my week 35 check up. hubby also has his follow up with the neurologist and amir's got his 4-year-old mmr jab. with 3 doctors to see, its better i take the whole day off than time off. who knows long how we'll be at each clinic.

after the trip to the hospital, i plan to lepak at 1utama. i need to get a hair cut and i've got to get arsyad a gift. i also promised amir an ice cream treat - only because i've got a craving for coffee ice cream. then i'm going to get a couple of clothing items for the baby (if i get that parkson voucher in time...hint to tiza). then a trip to cold storage...maybe, maybe not.

i'm really very tired and have been having contractions for the past couple of weeks. sometimes not so strong, sometimes quite unbearable. i'm hoping to get the whole week off. if i do i've got a few things to settle:
  • i have my appraisal with the boss. i plan to come in to the office tuesday afternoon, maybe meet shcm as well;
  • i need to get a sofa for the tv area upstairs. right now we're sitting on a mattress on the floor. but its been an agony for me to get up from that position, so a sofa is the answer. plus amir wants to sleep on his own mattress, so we've brought the mattress into his room;
  • i'm scouting for new curtains for my room and the tv area. we get the morning sun and it can be extremely hot. thicker curtains would be good, just in time for the baby's arrival;
  • last on my list is the laundry for eai#4.

i need to rest a lot. the constant contractions is taking its toll on me.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Only When They're Sleeping

with 3 menace in the house, there's really no quiet time. my neighbours can vouch the screaming and shouting - and that's from the parents. what dont the boys do? they scream, they cry, they jump, they climb, they slap, the fight, they pinch, they bite, they shout, they push each other, they bang the doors, they throw things down the stairs and out the windows, they kick...

the only peace and quiet we get is when they sleep (if they sleep, that is...)

* asyraf would sleep face down during his early days; while ariff can sleep just about anywhere...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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