Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Pain

a few people have been asking why my blog seems to be on hiatus. i actually have drafted a few entries but most of my entries are quite sharp and cynical. i need to read through and probably re-write some and take out all the profanities before i can publish them. hence only pictures have been uploaded here of late.

my current pregnancy seems to be a combination of my 3 previous ones. whatever i had during each pregnancy, i have them now - you name it; nauseasness, flu, dizzyness, cough, asthma & wheezing and the latest one, extreme headache (again, i think the reason is because this could be my last pregnancy so its like a summary of all pregnancies)

i suffered terrible headache on sunday. it wasnt too bad initially, i was able to do my usual sunday errands - laundry, folding clothes, preparing the boys' bags for school, bathing them, preparing (heating up, in my case) their dinner. i was looking around for panadol but hubby finished the last tab. its been quite hot lately so panadol is always stocked up at home - hubby and i are prone to get headaches on a sunny day.

i went to sleep earlier than normal, ie during tigger & pooh. i gave ariff his last bottle and slept next to him (he now refuses to sleep anywhere but between hubby and me - anak manja mummy lah katakan) during the night i woke up numerous times. my head was throbbing like mad. come subuh, i just couldnt get up. i nudged hubby saying i cant open my eyes and need to take leave from work. i got up a bit later to shower and performed subuh prayers. hubby had a meeting that morning so i had to drive myself to the clinic - the downside of having only 1 car.

i managed to drive to the clinic safely (thank gof hubby's workplace is only 15 minutes away). being in the car wasnt to bad. to walk from the car was horrible. as soon as i close the door and start walking, i had to turn and look for something to hold. my head would throb that my whole body shakes and i could feel my body jolting forward with each throb.

i took panadol after breakfast that morning. after 3 hours it didnt take effect, so i took the pcm given by the doctor. it still didnt work. i threw up twice but couldnt bend down to clean. everytime i bend forward i would feel faint. hubby came back during lunch and took my to DSH. the doctor at the a&e gave me a penthadine jab - it still didnt work after an hour. so my gynae asked for me to be admitted. i was all prepared for that and brought along an overnight bag.

our first concern of course was the boys. hubby handed their pajamas to their teachers, requesting them to bathe and feed the boys. then ariff's teacher called; offering to take care of ariff overnight with no charges. bless her. hubby took up her offer and went home with amir & asyraf. the boys were scared that night. they waited in front of the bathroom door while hubby bathed and refused to sleep on their mattress. asyraf repeated said 'takut hantu'

during my stay in DSH, they gave me panadols which didnt work until finally before bedtime my gynae gave me synflex. according to her that medicine would treat migraine but isnt very strong. that one worked the best - my headache was still there but at least i could open my eyes.

when she came back during her morning round, i asked if it was migraine. i dont have a history of migraine so i was a bit surprised. she couldnt confirm as she needed to do tests which cant be done while i'm pregnant but she said i had 'migraine-like symptoms'. we discussed on what may trigger the headache and we sorta came up with 2 reasons (not official though).

first was the heat and second was angin. no, its not due to tiredness, its not due to my pregnancy and its really, really not due to 'no maid'. i still amazes me how people would point all my small setbacks to not having a maid or being pregnant. yes...being pregnant did hinder the process to know more or give stronger painkillers but it certainly did not trigger whatever 'penyakit' i had during pregnancies.

anyway, our reasons for coming up with the 2 factors were:
1. we went out late on sunday. it was extremely hot. normally we dont go out for lunch. it coincides with the boys' naptime - cranky boys lead to cranky parents. so its always been a big no-no. unfortunately my sisters' day starts at 12pm, while ours practically slows down at that time. when we were having lunch, i did comment that someone will fall sick today, its too hot outside and now we're in an air-cond room. true enough hubby and i came back with a heavy head.
2. i had a large lunch and due to that i didnt have dinner. although i dont have a proper dinner normally but i do take a couple of toasts to alas perut. that night i didnt. the combination of heavy head and no dinner could be the triggering factor.

so here i am. at home, rested by my gynae. my head still throbs but not as bad as the past 2 days. i still cant see outside and the sun still affects my eyes and head. i still cant overdo myself and stand up quickly. it still hurts when i cough or sneeze. but its getting better and praying hard there's no repeat of the incident.

one of the person who asked me to update my blog sent me a fruit basket yesterday.
thank you andy21 :) camne nak gi sunway lagoon ni?


Liasari said...

i can imagine how u feel. i had migraine like headache for the 1st 6 mths of my 1st pregnancy. i took 6 tablets of panadol but the throbbing still there, nothing much can be done i just had to live with it until finally it gone when i reached my 7th month. sometimes hubby akan tolong lumatkan daun sawi with garam, tepek kat dahi... it works sometimes.

so now u dah tau what trigger the headache kenalah jaga time makan and don't tire urself ye. take care!

aisha said...

Akak, take care and jaga diri..

Mary J said...

salina, take good care of yourself aight? hope you have already feeling better.


andy21 said...

lagoon tuh, biler 2 pun ok...
yang penting, take care of yourself k...
do not come to work kalu tak larat.. :-)

makan pun kene jaga... nanti kiter lunch sesama k.. :)

saveme_zero said...

kak...jaga diri baik2 k. aku leh bygkan migrain tu mcm mane sbb aku pun ada migrain. once datang,x leh nak tahan.

mommamia said...

sally,i truly understand how the migraine feel sbb i mmg seorg penghidap migraine,so reading ur sentence bout ur head throbbing and all, i tau sengsara dia mcmana,dah betul la tu u kena migraine,perut kosong ng cuaca panas mmg la cpt jer migraine dtg attack,set2 kalau dah dtg 2-3 hari kepala berdenyut tak hilang2-u jgn stress2 sgt,important thing is jgn biar perut kosong k,angin tu blh trigger migraine

rest well k,hope u'll get well soon,hugs..

tiza said...

my day doesnt start at 12pm lah...
usually starts at 8-9am, even on Sundays...
cume that day I went 2 my fren's house 4 bfast coz his mom made pancakes n asked me 2 come over...
hence the lateness...

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

take care kak sally ... kita doakan kak cpt sembuh .. keep updates blog okies ;-)

zie said...

i hope you are well now ina. Your experience - nausea, spinning head etc reminded what i had last week. Got attack by the 'winter bug'> first time in 6 years i am here..sungguh teruk. My friend kata, there u are, u can foresee how u will be kalu u get pregnant, adding to that Afia yg sungguh handfull. I remembered how hard it was being pregnant with Afia, i mmg alah giler..sungguh surrender untuk bb at the moment..u - take care mommy!


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